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  1. thanks for the instructions! i got a complete kit a while ago on ebay and now installed it. it worked out great following your instructions. special thanks for the hint about the washer, fitting the base of the roller screws. i also had to change the position of the lower rubber window stop. For those who are looking to source parts: The set was missing the clips/washers to fix the winder arm to pin on the window plate: 74274-sd [R-3] / Ford Mustang Window Regulator Retainer Clip Set - 2 Pieces $1.75 Set 44727-s [X-24] (washer): b-13020 General (IAZ) .44 X .88 X .08 FLAT WASHER, PHOS. 12 pk US$3.00 as well as the bolts for the window mechanism 57487-S: b-11872 General Ø (QK) 1/4-20 X 1/2 HX .75 CONI SEMS, ZDC. 8 pk US$5.00 also, the corresponding page from the master parts catalogue (w/o the power window part) per attachment
  2. 72 Green Hornet 4sp, thanks for the offer, but I already got the lower panel (see title of post).
  3. Yeah, maybe that`s why. I've seen (too late for me) that 72 Green Hornet 4sp only needed the upper panel, so I still have hope that there will be some demand sooner or later. But thanks for your reply anyway.
  4. I can't believe that there is no interest in these cowl panels. I'd be happy to receive offers, too.
  5. Hi, I recently bought the Dynacorn upper and lower cowl panel replacement, as I needed the passenger (right) side of the lower panel for my own car. I've cut off a 1/3 of the lower panel and now sell the remaining parts. For sale is the - whole upper cowl panel (asking $150.00 plus shipping), located in Merced, CA - left 2/3 of the lower panel (asking $100.00 plus shipping), located in De Forest, WI. The Dynacorn cowl panel is only available for cars w/o A/C. If your's has A/C the intake in the lower panel needs to be closed.
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