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  1. Welcome from Northern CA!
  2. Almost impossible to find anything without a lubrcating strip nowadays.
  3. Let's not forget that it all started from moonshiners sooping up their cars to out run the cops. They should have to get a case of mason jars with moonshine to the finish line and lose points for broken jars. Seriously, the guys that build these things are true craftsmen.
  4. Thanks Jeff.. Maybe I'll just swap the hinge... :idea:
  5. Good old fashioned flat stock hood.
  6. Hi, I'm in the final stages of rebuilding my 302. Problem is the phone that had all of my original pics died completly. I'm trying to figure out how to hang my generator and power steering on these brackects but it's got me scratching my head. The car has no AC. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I need a hood spring if anyone has one.
  8. Hi Neighbor! I'm just around the corner from you in west San Jose. I wish I only had your issues... Ed...
  9. As you can imagine my 40 year old mirrors are not looking very good. Is there a replacement made? Has anyone taken one to a glass vendor for repair? It looks like the mirror is glued down. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  10. Take a deep breath and back away from the keyboard.
  11. Yeah, you're gonna want to rip those first.
  12. Step 1: Download itunes to your pc Step 2: Add your song to the itunes library Step 3: Sync your ipod using itunes.
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