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    I have a 1973 Mustang Coupe that I am fixing up.


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  1. Does anybody know the standard offset for a 1973 mustang coupe set of wheels? Also what is the biggest wheel that could fit? Thanks, Travis
  2. I'm just wanting a faster acceleration and a little bit more power
  3. Hi, so I have a 73' coupe, a 302 8v. It only has 140 horsepower I think. (I know base V8 coupes have 140 horsepower but the craigslist ad said 180 horsepower) I'm just wondering how much it would cost to get about 40-60 horsepower added and how noticeable would it be? Thanks, Travis
  4. Thanks! That would be great, ill private message you soon, white was one of my possible color choices.
  5. Well, this is my first car, a 70's muscle car. A 1973 Mustang Coupe. I am 15, no license yet, and decided it would be fun to restore a car. It needs relatively little body work done besides sanding and painting. It needs plenty of interior work, reupholstering and a little wire chasing because half of the electrical doesn't work. It runs surprisingly well besides idling a little high and a bit of an exhaust leak, both pretty simple fixes. As for the rust, I have already taken care of most of that, there was a lot, but considering it is 50 years old it was about as good as I could expect. I paid 1,700$ for it, have in another 500$ in it and need to spend another 2000-3000$. I plan to drive it for a few years and then sell it, if I do a good enough job I could probably make a decent profit. This could be a good first car. I'll try to keep you guys posted, Travis [Edit} All the red you see is the original paint color, not rust.
  6. Thank You so much, that looks really simple, I don't know how I couldn't figure that out alone
  7. So I have been trying to post a thread with a bunch of pictures and an explanation of my plans for the car, but I don't know how to upload any of my pictures.
  8. Thanks for the advice, I have been thinking I might make a coupe Mach 1 imitation. Where did you buy your spoiler from?
  9. The only way you wont be losing money is if you do all yourself. A good paintjob, including body work will be up of 10,00$
  10. I have a 1973' Mustang Coupe, the body is all pretty straight with as little rust as you could expect from that old of a car. It needs plenty of work to get it back to nice condition but I think with a good amount of time and some more money I could have a car that grabs lots of attention. I found it for 2000$ and it needs another 3000-4000$. I hope to have it done within 3-4 months. Glad to have joined this community, Travis
  11. POR 15 works super well, it is a little expensive but it is totally worth it. All rust is entirely gone, works amazing.
  12. I have a 73' Mustang Coupe, it needs very little body word done, and it has the NASA hood on it. I think I am going to do a dark blue for the primary color, but I'm stumped on where I should do stripes, if any. Thanks, Travis
  13. So, I have a 73' Coupe, it's a 302cid with a V8 in it. I have seen places say it has anywhere from 140HP to 210HP. Oh, and it has a 2 barrel carb. If anyone could help me know for sure that would be great, I want to know if some more power would really be necessary because it does not run to well yet. Thanks, Travis
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