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  1. Where is a source to locate the ford part number for a particular part?? A lot of NOS sites prefer to search by that part number. For example, a dual vacuum, single point distributor canister for a 71, 351c. I think part of it is 12370 Or, distributor breaker plate for 71, 351c single point. Part of it is 12151. Does a listing exist anywhere to find the D1PZ-xxxxxx etc number?
  2. Does every car have the heater stove thing? I've noticed that on my 71, non AC and always wondered what it was for. Does it serve any purpose or can it just be removed since the choke is now connected to +12?
  3. Thanks, both good things to check out! I'm also wondering if it could be related to a sticking dizzy breaker plate or some issue with the dual diaphragm vacuum canister. Odd that the timing changes with the vacuum hoses removed and plugged.
  4. I was doing some routine maintenance and thought to check some timing numbers. Removed the 2 vacuum hoses to the distributor and plugged them in order to check initial timing. Timing light indicated it was 17ish BTDC when I remember setting it to around 8 BTDC. 17+ 24 mechanical is too much to have so I turned the distributor counterclockwise to retard the timing back to the 8 BTDC I wanted. Did some other checks , in addition to checking mechanical advance and went back to the initial timing setting. This time it is ATDC somehow, so I advanced the distributor to get the 8 BTDC I wanted.
  5. I also recall reading in Hot Rod mag or one of them about fake MSD boxes. Make sure you get the real thing. This article is from a while ago so dont know if its still an issue. It must have been a while ago because it was in my long term memory. If it was recent, I wouldnt have recalled it! https://www.thecounterfeitreport.com/product/244/MSD-6AL-Ignitions.html
  6. I replaced a distributor cap recently and the one I removed is the attached pic. Are these normal marks for the inside of a cap? I always thought they should be more in the middle of the terminal as opposed to one sided like these are. This is on my 71, 351c, factory engine and distributor. Using Pertronix II with flamethrower 1.5 ohm coil. Timing is currently 10 BTDC, no vacuum advance, 17 with vacuum advance. Does something need to be adjusted?
  7. Actually, I've also been hunting around for a dealer plate or emblem for my car. It was sold from Holiday Ford in Sunnyvale Ca. I came across a company that will make custom badges that was at a reasonable price. You work with a designer and whatever you decide is milled out of billet aluminum. I had the salesmans card from back in the day and this company matched the script exactly. Mine came out really nice and adds a nice touch to the car. Let me know if you need any more info. The company is www.billetbadges.com
  8. Could be that your original hose is leaking even though it appears to be fine. Might want to replace it anyway since you are working in the PS area and will probably have to do it at some point. Remove it from the power steering box from the top using a crows foot flare fitting. In addition to an overfill, could also be air in the system that causes the fluid to bubble out.
  9. I got my horns restored at the Horn Works. Horns now look and work like new. Appears that he has some special prices going on for July and August. https://classiccarhorn.com/
  10. Midlife, Is that connector also used for the Neutral safety switch and backups or is that a different one that looks similar?
  11. You should reply back to them and say you have an exact twin of that car. Apparently the Ford assembly line even duplicated the VIN!
  12. Is there any lubrication comparison of oils with liquid titanium compared to oils with the high zinc level? What other oils are SL rated since the majority are SM or higher?
  13. In searching I see that the motor oil to use question has been asked a lot, with many opinions and I wanted to get most peoples most recent thoughts. The garage that has serviced my 71 mustang in the past has used Kendall GT-1 synthetic 10w30. Its their formula with "liquid titanium" for reduced wear. I would like to be able to start changing my own oil as needed and for whatever reason, it seems like thats a hard oil to find. The typical auto supply places ( autozone, advance auto, pepboys ) dont carry it. The engine in my car is the original as far as internals, and has been r
  14. Also helps if you remove one screw from the shock tower / engine brace at the firewall as well as the nuts on the brace at the shock tower. Then once the brace is lifted a little from the shock tower it can be pivoted around as needed for more space. Then as Don mentioned, its a straight shot into the steering box with crows foot and extensions. I seem to recall even being able to get my hand in there to start the steering box connections.

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