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  1. That is a nice looking repair job! To the OP, I've found that the SEM paints seem to be a good color match. It was anyway, for the white interior that I have. You may want to use their vinyl prep before painting.
  2. Kilgon, realize that some vacuum advance modules do not adjust with an allen screw. The advance for my 71 doesnt and I thought the factory made them non adjustable starting with the 70's. The aftermarket ones typically will.
  3. Don, nice grid of vacuum advance vs retard adjustments and breaker plate movement. So, I'm assuming your vacuum advance module is the allen wrench adjustment type? Are you starting at one end of travel and then turning the number of recorded retard turns from there (no retard, 2.5, 5, 7 etc)?
  4. Ahhh good point. Could be two of the same side.
  5. Those are original? I thought original ones had the clamps on opposite sides to make a true left and right. Like these::
  6. I believe its a 3 port. https://www.npdlink.com/product/valve-assy-distributor-vacuum-control-3-port-mounts/169678?backurl=search%2Fproducts%3Fsearch_terms%3Dvacuum%2Bcontrol%2Bvalve%26top_parent%3D200001%26year%3D This tool makes replacing them easier. https://www.npdlink.com/product/socket-vacuum-control-valve/205949?backurl=search%2Fproducts%3Fsearch_terms%3Dvacuum%2Bcontrol%2Bvalve%26top_parent%3D200001%26year%3D
  7. If the rpms jump with the manifold vacuum connected, some of the timing increase could be due to centrifugal advance. Are you using the DVCV to route vacuum lines between the dizzy advance module and ported/manifold?
  8. Your factory sending units and dummy lights would stay intact. For example, I have a center gauge cluster in my 71 and I wanted to keep factory gauges working. I added an additional sending unit for the oil pressure ( used a T connection ) and an additional water temp sensor ( heater hose adapter ) for autometer gauges. Ammeter gauge was converted to a voltmeter.
  9. Seems like it would the same as adding any auxiliary gauges. Keep the sensors/wiring for original idiot lights. As mentioned, you would need the proper sending sensors for oil press and temp gauges. Typically the amp meter is converted to a voltmeter to make it usable.
  10. I think the important points to not over-tighten the bearings on the disc brakes are steps 5 & 6. Tighten to 17-25 ft-lbs to seat the bearings, loosen and then re-tighten to 10-15 IN-LBS. I misread that the first time when I did my bearings.
  11. once you get settled and are exploring, check out the Titan missile museum near Tucson. Only launch facility open to the public.
  12. You should be able to remove the light from the hood and turn it off and on by tipping it back and forth. If its original, it could be that the contacts are now always connected and probably needs replacing. My original was doing the same thing and it was replaced by one of these. Fasten to the hood and feed the wire down to the fender area where its connected. You should see it turn off as the hood is lowered even before its closed all the way. https://www.npdlink.com/search/products?search_terms=trunk%2Blight%2Bassy%2Band%2Bextension%2Bwire&top_parent=200001&year=
  13. do you feel comfortable sliding under there and do you use jack stands also?
  14. ahhh.. I always thought it was more like a material. So, are the perforations in the material the only difference between original and repro seatcovers?
  15. I dont know how well 303 will work on the comfortweave since its more of a product for vinyl protection. Maybe another type of material cleaner for the seats?
  16. I dont know if adjusting the steering box screw is the proper way to go. I've read where people experiment with that adjustment ( I believe its adjusting the sector shaft ), things seem better and then there is no steering at some point, usually while driving down the road. If you are not happy with their "rebuild" you could send it to another place. Myself and others have used the following: http://www.powersteering.com/power-steering-gearbox-rebuilds/
  17. Just wondering if your breaker plate ( or vacuum advance is sticking ). i.e you set timing for what is believed to be 16 BTDC, drive it, breaker plate or advance arm changes, timing drops to 10 BTDC. Seems odd that timing would change like that after driving. My 71 had the opposite thing happening. I would set initial timing to 10 BTDC, drive it, recheck timing ( vac hoses disconnected and plugged ) and it would be 17 BTDC. I would mistakenly reset to 10 which would now be almost TDC so totally wrong. After checking a few other things, turned out to be a sticking arm in my vacuum a
  18. For whatever reason, I could never get a spring into the lower hose so had to leave it out. Here is a related article but cant say how valid it is: Original equipment molded radiator hoses often were equipped with a coil inside them. Some refer to this coil as a spring, but it isn't really a spring. Actually just a piece of thin metal rod that has been twisted, it was designed to facilitate the installation of coolant on the assembly line, and nothing more. When the cooling system of a car is completely drained, or in the case of a brand new car under construction, never had c
  19. Sounds like the shop mentioned has found some issues and hopefully they fix things. However, havent used this place but seen their name mentioned a few times. May be good to have as backup if needed. https://www.mustangbarn.com/
  20. ahhh.. NPD must carry them now. I couldnt find any listed with them when I was looking a few years ago. Where ever you buy them, they do look good installed and are not that noticeable.
  21. I have these on mine and they look pretty good. http://jaegerbrothersauto.com/auto-parts/1971-1973 Mustang Splash Guards, Full Set_217.html
  22. I replaced mine with LEDs and everything looks great! Here are some options for getting the factory color or other colors, if desired. https://www.hipoparts.com/1965-73-ford-mustang-led-gauge-light-conversion-kit/ Actually for the center gauges, I installed these which are really bright and dimmable. https://www.hipoparts.com/245-lumen-20x-plasma-smd-bulb-194-t-10-wedge-360-wide-angle/
  23. I like the idea of a seethru gas filter but have heard that the glass or plastic ones are not recommended. Are there any seethru ones that ARE safe to use?
  24. Car for sale for someone with extra money floating around! Be interesting to hear peoples thoughts. https://www.streetdreamstexas.com/vehicles/843/1971-ford-mustang-mach1-super-cobra-jet-429-drag-pac-4-speed-detroit-lokar
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