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  1. Hey, I'm also from nova scotia and built a 73 sports roof, 2500 hours later 23 panels and tons of cash I built the stang attached in pic, I have some left over parts if your ever in yarmouth, hit me up . sold my 73 went to england.
  2. Anyone running this cam? Looking for set up \timing\carb etc info, my motor is fresh with flat top pistons 4v cc heads running the xe274h stock stall( need 2500) advice for tuning? running 650 edelbrock now have a 750 holley on standby.
  3. my pump was the problem, Where the big nut holds the case to the pump was prob impacted on at the factory and cracked the pressure housing inside the pump. so every time i turned the motor off the pressure would release inside of the pump and erupt!! put another new pump on and not it doesnt erupt but still a noisey ford pump.
  4. I built this myself , took the npd monty carlo bar that didnt clear the distributor and made my own custom mounts that bolt under the shock mount and a hole drilled and used a cap bolt for cleaner look , and it works, I can feel the difference on hard cornering,
  5. Make an offer, Over 2500hr job everything new rebuilt 351c 4v rebuilt c6 3.23 trac loc 9 inch all new interior 3g upgrade full msd edelbrock cam intake carb timing chain etc No expenses spared, wet sanded 5000 buffed POR 15 inside and out Contact if interested, 9027401079 Shipping can be arranged to anywhere, Have more cars to build , sell or trade for nice finished Mopar B body Located in Nova Scotia Canada.
  6. Check out the link guys selling my car have more to build. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/city-of-halifax/1973-mustang-sportsroof/1273141610?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  7. Check out the COTM submission forum part, more there
  8. Dont see anything in the COTM section maybe they arent keeping it up
  9. I ended up buying a full rebuild kit with bearings. Thanks everyone.
  10. ATF type F , Ive tried the using engine vacume to purge the air out and still no luck. rebuilt my power steering box as well. Replacing my brand new pressure line with another tonight as the first one I tried I had to make a fitting fit the replacement flex hose and it seemed to always be wet. If the line doesnt fix it tonight i think I'll be replacing the pump again. A1 cardone, read the rebuilt ones are hit or miss. maybe I got a dud.
  11. That was my first try lol they cant get anything at all is what they told me. And every major auto store in the USA does not have a remand one in stock that doesn't require a core
  12. Still fighting mine, seems like my PS box might be sucking in air at the end of the travel turning left. I cant find a resonable power steering box anywhere to purchase here in canada so I'll be trying a rebuild kit on my old one first. THe pump I have is a new cardone one, I hope thats not causing all the air in my system.
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