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  1. lol well, i am a sales guy so I know how it's done. They are the Evolution (custom) and not in production any longer. here is a link. http://www.carid.com/boyd-coddington-wheels/evolution-117278.html
  2. Zach and i just finished our exhaust project. For around 1200, we installed jba ss shorties, hpipe, magnaflow cats, cherrybomb glasspacks and side exhaust. Must say, i am very proud of the end result. The car sounds so good now! What a difference in sound and hp!
  3. 18" BC's off tot he powder coater yesterday. Installed JBA headers, cat4ward, with magnaflow high flow cats and mufflers, end pipes. WOW!!! loving this upgrade! until we can swing the brake upgrades, going to paint calipers and drums in preparation for the new wheels. This is really coming together. I am suprised at how much we are into this car though and havent even started making it look pretty yet. lol
  4. I ended up with boyd's 18x8 (all four) and the offset is zero and they should just bolt right up with no issues. I am going to use your advice again on the tire size to mount on these and go with 255/45/18 pics forthcoming. Hurry Up powder coater!! haha thanks again!
  5. ahhh, I can relate. Zach decided to install the March billet pullies and got a little carried away on the ps pump pulley.. good times. lol
  6. Hi yall...dave here (the dad) haha. I bought my oldest (now 22) a brand new ford ranger when he was 16.....BORING!!!!! This is by far the most enjoyment zach and I have had together. We have done a lot and have a long way to go! This forum is great and we appreciate the support, friendship and guidance. Dave PS - Best q in Memphis is Central! Give it a shot!
  7. Thanks so much guys. After thinking about it i like the idea of keeping the notches in the center of the spokes chrome too, along with the lip, center cap and lugs. Smeone told me of i shot blast the centers of the spoke as i mention, it will be a cool gray color but i dont like that idea too much. Also, i didnt pay retail for these wheels. I low balled a seller and picked them up for 750.00! They have never been mounted and still in plastic. Will post pics soon.
  8. Ok...we (my 15 year old son and future owner of this 73 coupe) have finally narrowed down our wheel selection to these 18x8 Rumblers http://www.billetwheel.com/rumblerpricing.html We need help deciding on the following.... Keep in mind they will be mounted on a charcoal gray car with two black racing stripes. Should we powder coat all flat black (zach's preference)? Or maybe a gloss black lip with matte black face? Or (my favorite choice), keep the polished lip, center cap and lugs and the rest matte black? decisions decisions........ thanks in advance for your input! Dave and Zach
  9. I love the look. Wanting to achieve the same.... If I go with your same set-up for my stock 73 but use 9" on all four (18x9 all the way around, with the 255/45/18) what size spacer should I buy? thanks in advance
  10. Can someone tell me how large I can go on this stock 73? I dont want any rub issues. I would like to go 18, but 17 is fine. I have searched for a while and dodgestang was helpful but I want to be very confident before I pull the trigger and spend this kind of money. my head is spinning. If I can go with 18 x 7or8, what size tire do I buy?? Do I need spacers? If so, what size? aaahhhhhhhhhhhh lol really leaning toward these... http://www.wheelsnext.com/wheels-rims/Cragar-610B%20S%7CS%20Super%20Sport-Black%20Flat.html thanks in advance!
  11. Hey there fellow big bodied coupe lovers. Me and my dad are working on our 73'coupe and we are looking foreward our upcoming times we will share with this forum. follow our progress in depth on our page. all of you facebookers like it as well please ! Thanks, Zach.
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