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  1. This is what you take to the voting place
  2. This is what you take to the voting place sorry i wanted to post a pic of my truck but way too complicated:(
  3. Found a place here in town that is willing to try it, will see what comes out of it
  4. Thank you but i am looking for one that is ready to install
  5. Does anybody have a good running transmission for my 71 coupe? mine still runs but don't wanna take any chances, or does anybody know where i can get one? here in Tulsa nobody wants to touch it:-/
  6. I guess that makes two of uslollerz
  7. The second one is the one i have, i have a girly car!!:jawdrop:
  8. Thanks, my wife just took it over, she will be riding in style:)
  9. Yes, 2 months and it will be like a brand new used one:)
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