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  1. This is what you take to the voting place
  2. This is what you take to the voting place sorry i wanted to post a pic of my truck but way too complicated:(
  3. Found a place here in town that is willing to try it, will see what comes out of it
  4. Thank you but i am looking for one that is ready to install
  5. Does anybody have a good running transmission for my 71 coupe? mine still runs but don't wanna take any chances, or does anybody know where i can get one? here in Tulsa nobody wants to touch it:-/
  6. I guess that makes two of uslollerz
  7. The second one is the one i have, i have a girly car!!:jawdrop:
  8. Thanks, my wife just took it over, she will be riding in style:)
  9. Yes, 2 months and it will be like a brand new used one:)
  10. Will upload some when i get home, dont know how to do it with the phone,
  11. Hello guys and girls, as you know my coupe is in the bodyshop and there are some parts that i need to get but have not found them in any search online and i have no idea what the name is or what are they called. I have no pictures but this is what i have; these 2 parts are at the back of the trunk on both sides of the fill tube, they look kinda square with one side small and the other side bigger, one side attaches to the trunk floor and the other attaches to the tail light pannel, , anybody knows what they are called? where can i get them??:huh: Thanks!! Lupe
  12. El cheapo don't even beguin to describe it, it was bad, hope this guy can do better:)
  13. Took my car to this body shop, he knew how to take it apart, hope he can put it back together
  14. I'm glad i'm not the only one that caught that, just last week i was thinking that it would be an interesting conversion, i like the 71-73 front but the rear not so much, on the other hand, i do like the 70, rear end look
  15. If he don't know how to take a picture the right way i would stay away from that car, the motor may be in the trunk:D
  16. Not planning on selling the car, in fact it ia at the paint shop now, they are replacing some cancer and getting it ready for paint, my wife and daughter both love the car so i will keep it for now, i was told and read in here somewhere that one could put a newer transmission on this car, like from a fox body, how hard would be to do that? of course i would have to pay to have it done, my mechanic abilities end at replacing an alternator:(
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