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  1. What is more accurate about the 289, is that Ford, not Shelby American, delivered 289 Hi-Po engines as built from the production line, at 271 horsepower. To that, Shelby American added external modifications ( carb, intake, headers ), to achieve 306 horsepower from the factory Hi-Po "K" engine, in Cobras and GT-350s. It is a matter of historical fact that the 289 was/is capable of more. Many different builds of this engine came from Shelby American back then, to compete in assorted classes of road racing and drag racing. The 390 horsepower , Weber carbed, LeMans cammed , competition ported cyl
  2. No special sealing is required. Hopefully the owner is smart enough to never use this engine in salt water. Marine engines require some different clearancing, and component choices, as opposed to useage in a car, and usually get more "dolled up" due to the fact that most everything is visable. The boat is purple metalflake and white, which is why the owner requested the block match in purple metalflake.
  3. Did someone say polyester? How about moustaches and sideburns? Photo is '73, I'm on the left, with my brother and sister. Eegads!
  4. C9zx, that engine is a cross-bolted, aluminum headed '63 406, Holman/Moody equipped, slated for a flatbottom ski boat.
  5. A flat-rate estimate is a good start, it will provide you with a minimum. If you are considering to get your dollars worth, you should also know that the camshaft should always be degreed to verify timing, and you'll want to do this with the right head ( #1 cylinder exposed) off, to dial indicate #1 piston TDC. Flat rate won't include degreeing the cam. Installing the timing set "dot-to-dot" is throwing power away 75% of the time. I've found, that occasionally all of the variables ( cam gear dowel hole, crank gear keyway, accuracy of cam grinder's indexing, etc.) , can stack up against each o
  6. I really like the Wimbeldon White, over a brighter white. I think it's classier....sort of a color you might see on expensive Pebble Beach cars, as opposed to an inexpensive import car white. It has a "surfboard white' kind of hue.
  7. Now there's something else I've never known,.....that the extendable antenna is '71 only. Geeez, I've been owning/driving it for 30 years now and JUST get schooled on my radio antenna! Thanks for the info...kinda cool that it's a "one year" thing.
  8. Just wondering what any of you have experienced this. I've done my own brake jobs, many times, over the years on my cars. It seems to me, that the semi-metallic front pads are the way to go on my '71. The standard "factory style" organic pads don't give as good a pedal feel, even on easy stops, compared to the semi-metallics. We know the semis are better when a lot of braking is done, or for high speed. The semis DO shag off more dust, and tend to wear the rotor more, but I likely will never go back to standard brake pads up front. Not much talk of disc pads on the boards, but many of you mus
  9. Amazing,,,,,,,they always call these years "the big Mustang", but just look at how low the roofline is, and what a tank the new Mustang is, in comparison.
  10. I've always thought that the Sprint version mustang in '72 was cool. Love the red/white/blue interiors too. Great find!
  11. Oh yeah.....I found one more!
  12. I know my hockey stick stripes were added to my Mach, when the Studios used it in a movie, as was the rear wing. I added the chin spoiler just because it came in the trunk when I purchased the car used. Technically, yes, a car optioned with the stripes from the factory will not have the shiny metal moldings. We can all concur that this is true. I am sure , however, that many dealers would add the stripes to a car on their lot, if a prospective buyer requested them. Same as the dealer would swap out a set of white wall tires for white lettered tires, if a buyer wanted such. Hell, how many of 71
  13. Neat photo. I noticed the radio antenna height as well. Now and again, someone will ask me what kind of a sound system I have in my Mach. I tell them just the factory AM/FM, however, I can get Japan. You know what I'm talking about if any of you still have the 4' tall extending factory antenna! If I were to put my antenna all the way up, it whips around, so I never extend it fully.
  14. To all of you whom have corrected me, I stand corrected. Not that I ( obviously ) know all of the required, and optional ins-and outs of these cars, it's just that I presumed that the sportier Mach 1 package would have the disc brakes. I had a '65 Mustang GT coupe, years ago, and it came with disc brakes, so it follows that I'm just suprised to see drums all around on a Mach.
  15. .......4 wheel drum brakes? Are you sure it's not a Sportsroof dressed up as a Mach?
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