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  1. Nice,...really nice. I used to run those Goodyear Eagle STs. I really liked them. Goodyear stopped making them in the 14" sizes, so I buy BF Goodrich Radial TAs now, which do fine, it's just that I've always been a "Goodyear type of guy".
  2. I have found that Easy-Off oven cleaner spray will remove paint from plastics, without damaging the plastic, and it hoses off. Painting plastics is generally considered a no-no, used only to hide repairs when necessary. Of course, there are exceptions, like interior pieces and some Argent grille pieces. A clean black plastic fan shroud needs only to be wiped with a trim dressing ( similar to Armor-All ), to give it a showroom new appearance, I feel.
  3. I believe vacuum closes the heater valve, thought I saw that in the shop manual.
  4. Oh man, don't get me started about people driving too fast on the streets....................
  5. Unfortunately, as a car gets older, and various gas station mechanics, general mechanics, home mechanics, service these cars, certain parts tend to be "left off" as they are deemed unnecessary or "in the way". Such is the case with the unloved P/S cooler. I'm not sure what a good used one goes for today, but I've seen what they get for a new replacement. Kinda expensive for what it is. I've never had a brand new car, and EVERY used car I've owned has had something missing that the previous owner has taken or left off. My P/S cooler was missing on my Mach 1 when I got it. I think I paid $100 f
  6. I'd say, just spray the spoiler with EZ Off Oven Cleaner ( remove it first ), to take off all of the blue paint, and re-attach it. It appears to have some argent ( silver) peeking through, and would look great in argent with the body stripes.
  7. The guy I bought from lives in Long Beach, California. I ran into him and got his card at a Mopar car show and swap meet, where he was selling some stuff. I can certainly ask him about Ram Air V 303 heads and put him in touch with you.
  8. ianpala, The close-up of the underside of the head shows, what appears to be remnants of a Fel-Pro blue Permatorque gasket, which has been copper-coated. Generally, copper-coating isn't done on composite gaskets, although you could, but in the normal world, head gaskets just go on as -is. Is there an issue with either the heads or the decks not being flat? That's the only reason I can think of why someone would coat the gaskets, even though it would only be a band-aid to do so if the surfaces aren't true.
  9. Stanglover, I hear ya. Obviously, there is no heat channel in this manifold, like the factory manifolds have under the carb base gasket, so direct heat is minimized. Here, in the shop, when we have a set of heads requiring the exhaust crossover blocked for competition porting, we will either weld the crossover port close behind the exhaust bowls, or we sometimes use a copper block-off plate at the intake manifold surface, and pour molten aluminum, melted down from a forged piston, to completely fill the cavity all the way through into the exhaust bowl, where it's shaped
  10. I don't know if this is true, but I was told that the inside of the original Cobra owner's manual states..."Congratulations on your purchase of your new Cobra......and the knowing that, every car on the road ahead of you, is only there because you want them to be." Right on! That black 289 Cobra is too cool.
  11. Not a bad idea. Sealing the exhaust crossover ports would keep the intake cooler. I could do it being that I live on the west coast and don't really need carb heat in this climate. I may plug the crossover ports in the heads. I am the engine assembler at the shop, and I have the opportunity to do Clevelands for customers, and I often use the factory style steel tray "turkey pan" intake gasket, which helps a lot to keep the hot oil from splashing up against the underside of the intake manifold. The Cleveland design already isolates the manifold from hot coolant, as it is a "dry" design. Unless
  12. Last March, I was hit in an intersection while making a left turn, by a gal who ran the red light, and never hit her brakes. Thank God the insurance company covered it and my body man is a friggin' genius/artist. But what do I expect??????? I live in Los Angeles, California. I've lived here my whole life, and in the last say, 10 to 15 years, this place has become infested with the wealthy entitled, and their don't give a shit kids. Just driving here is an exercise in defensive driving. Every nut sack in his/her BMW/ Challenger/late Mustang has yanked the catalytic converters off and driv
  13. That air scoop has been around for years. I think Mr.Gasket makes it, and I think it was called a "Street Scoop". There's a linkage that comes with it to hook up to your throttle arm, so that the butterflies open and close with the throttle pedal.
  14. The cap to cover the choke stove mounting opening was included with the manifold, I just didn't put it in the photo.
  15. I thought about some kind of identifying placed on the underside. Actually, there were a few moments after I bought this that I thought....what if this is really some crappy , made abroad, knock-off of an Edelbrock design....but the casting appears to be much nicer than those poo-poo manifolds being sold for a discount, and the machining is better that most, it even lacks the "waffle' pattern you see on lots of new manifolds on the plenum floor under the carb pad. I spent some time with the seller, talking about it, and going through his parts inventory, and I think he told me the truth. He s
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