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    '94 GT Vert
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    '73 Mustang Coupe (sold)


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  1. When I'm not in the garage, I'm usually goofing around recording tracks and writing music, or helping one of my friends lay down tracks. We dabble in mostly Christian rock, but we like jazz, blues, and classic rock. I'm really into Roland synthesizers and have two of those.
  2. Actually it wasn't my first Mustang at all, just my first "big body" I bought a '94GT convertible the day I sold her so that helped ease the pain. But I guess I do regret selling it.
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    Hello everyone. I came over from afm forums. I restore classic Mustangs as a hobby. I am currently restoring a '65 fastback. I just sold a '73 coupe I restored and I thought I would join this forum since I WILL be doing another '71-73. They are great cars. Not much info and parts available as of yet. So this forum will be browsed as well as the others I'm on. Can't get enough Mustang.
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