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  1. I bought a new one from John's Mustang in Houston. I don't know how 'historically accurate' it is, but I had no problems installing it and I had no issues as far as bent corners or it not fitting. I'll attach a link, if that's not the way things are done here, my apologies in advance. They are usually a little more expensive than CJ's, but I like having a Mustang shop not far from me so I support them when it's economically feasible. John's Mustang
  2. There are nearly 1.5 million policemen in the US. They are all untrustworthy because ONE gave your wife a citation? A ticket? OK...that makes perfect sense. You'd be surprised how quickly "what's going on here, officer" can escalate into a full-blown argument between a cop, a guy, his 50-year old wife, 10 year old daughter, and a cat on the side of the road. Maybe he could have spoken to you better, but maybe you could've handled it better on your end too. Walk a mile in his boots my friend...
  3. What you did there, I see it.
  4. I love Shark Week! It's coming up.
  5. I have the Grant three-spoke wood-rimmed steering wheel with the horn button that fits over the orangish plate. The button has a spring which tension keeps the orange plate off the contact plate and thus keeps the horn from blowing. Well, the damn horn button keeps popping off. Any tricks on keeping this button on? I've tried beating it with a rubber mallet, but it still pops off on occasion. I'm apprehensive of taking a Dremel to the orange disc for fear that I'll grind too much off and turn a little problem into a bigger issue. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. It's this one...sorry if it's too big, I don't know how to resize it.
  6. Nice ride. If you're ever near Galveston, hit me up and we'll burn Galveston down. Not sure how old you are, but if you're on the north side of 21, first beer's on me.
  7. Ummmmm.....the tail lights look kinda cool?
  8. So the guy that runs Space City Classic Mustang called mom today and told her that they wanted to use her car as the banner car for their Facebook page this month! The photo was taken last month at her first show by Wayne Brumley who did a great job. We're all very proud and honored that the club, who has a number of amazing cars, chose hers to feature. Mom's stoked! SCCM Facebook
  9. So much this. I watched Wayne's World in horror as they committed unspeakable atrocities to that wonderful 76 Pacer. Such a waste..... :D
  10. 73 Mustang Hood I have this on eBay for $100. 7173Mustangs.com members get it for 2 cases of Corona. Pickup only, come on by and grab it so I can get my 1+ patch!
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