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  1. Thanks for all of the kind words! I think Pictures 7/8 turned out to be my favorites, with the way the detail and contrasting stand out. jhawk, we have almost taken it out twice in the last 3 fridays, but the rain has just been everywhere, all the time! Hopefully we can get a little more sunshine so that we can bring it over!
  2. Got a chance a few weekends ago to take some pictures of and with the '73! I really like how a few of them came out! Also got a chance to take a couple of our new 2015, so I figured I'd throw them in at the end :roll eyes:
  3. We put some Racing Seats in our '73 Vert, I can't remember what brand though; I will check. Just be wary, make sure the seat bracket matches the original holes in the floorpan or you may be doing some drilling trying to get the brackets to line up. Ours are 4-Point harness seats that have the back portion buckle into the seatbelt of the back seats. It means we can't use the back seats for passengers, but honestly who fits back there anyways? What type of pictures are you looking for specifically? I can try to take some if you let me know what you want.
  4. Hey jeff8877, does the whole set look as good as the picture of the one that you sent? If so, I'd be interested in all of them.
  5. Those are SWEET! I'll check with the War Department and get back to you!
  6. You are the FIRST person that hasn't laughed! Lots of folks looking I guess.... Glad you found some!
  7. I know there will be a LOT of laughter out there, but does anyone know of some available 73 Aluminum OEM Slot Mags for sale? Only need 1 or possibly 2....
  8. Replaced my originals with newer seats and wonder if anyone needs these. I'll post pics soon. They are in San Antonio, TX.
  9. jhawk, I remember meeting at biffs! Thanks! Im definitely planning to get it out some more over the summer!
  10. Thanks for all of the kind words! Here's a few more!
  11. @jeremycfr I'm actually about to be going to CSTAT cause I'm going to A&M! Small world! Here's some pics for y'all! I'm gonna comb through the pictures I took the other day and see what others are worth posting here. Expect more soon!
  12. Howdy! I'll say I'm new to the forum, although I have crept around for a while looking at some others' threads....Anyways, I'm 18 and have been raised a mustang lover, and am hoping this summer to maybe upgrade our mustang a little bit more! I guess I'll start with the car: My father and I restored his '73 convertible over the course of my sophomore year in High School so that I could drive it to prom. We are the second owners, and bought it in 1989 from a man who bought it for his daughter when she was born in 1973. (He figured she'd be excited to have cool car that was her age when she turned 16! Turns out she wasn't, and he sold it to my dad--Lucky us! But I digress....:rolleyes:.) Anyway, the car was originally Acapulco Blue, but when both the clear coat and paint failed, we decided to brighten things up a bit! The new paint is not an original Ford blue, but still looks nice with the silver accents. The stripes and hood coloring are also all painted on--No decals here!:cool: Unfortunately, my mother refused to let me drive the car wearing only the original lap seat belts, so we had to install some new racing seats with 3-Point harnesses. They are very comfortable! It has the original 351C2V Engine, which had to be bored out in the early '90s due to throwing a rod and melting the piston. Finally, the NASA Hood is not from the original car, it was found in a junkyard by my father shortly after he purchased the car. We finally got the Ram-Air hookup for it, and it runs like a dream!:P Sorry for the long intro! I figured I would get it out of the way!
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