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  1. Have Fun. Wife and I were there week after Easter for our annivesary.
  2. The gun on my night stand is whatever I carried that day. My carry rotation includes a Springfiled XDS 9mm, Keltek P3AT, and H&K P2000 in .357 Sig. The XDs has been getting the most use lately as it is teh best compromise between between conceal-ability and stopping power. Is generally carried in a belt slide holster or N82 tactical. The H&K is usually carried in a Galco shoulder holster. Theh .380 is genrally carried in a pocket holster or a N82 tactical.
  3. I have been shooting since I was three, and my family has always guns in the house. We were talk from a young age to respect firearms and what they can do. There was never any urge to sneak in and look at guns in the closet. I have several guns in the house with three kids.They have all know where the safe is and not to play with ANY guns. I recently built my first AR, and have a econd one in progress. My wife and I both have CCH permits. My 16 year old has taken the NRA first steps pistol course, and loves going to the range. My 19 yr old on the other hand does not seem to have any interest, and would make a little nervous with a gun. The ten yr old will be going with us to the range before long. All guns in our house are kept in the safe, or small portable safes under the bed. My wife and I have keys, and know the combinations. The 16 year does as well. I have instructed her to take her sisters into the master bath, stopping to pick up a handgun, and phone, they always have their Cell phones, on the way, if anyone ever breaks into the house while they are home alone. I would strongly urge anyone thinking about buying a gun to take some type of instruction from a professional. Most ranges offer introductory classes, such as NRA steps pistol. After that go shooting with friends, or go to the range and rent different guns and see what feels most comfortable. If some one is not comfortable witha gun look at pepper spray, or a taser.
  4. Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Current title is Quality/ Powder Coat and Safety Supervisor. Was operations manager for a facility, OEM to Cat, Deere, EZ Go etc, in Greensboro, when my plant closed I chose not to move to Wi. with the company. Hired in Statesville, as Quality Engineer. At the time all paint was being outsourced, the decision was made to install a powder and the operations manager found out that I had been around powder for 21 years, so it became my project. During the planning stages I, ended up doing some some planning as far as PPE, and chemicals, so I inherited the safety as well. My powder system will be going online this week.
  5. Just wanted to introduce myself. I do not currently have a Mustang. I had a 72 Coupe while I was in high school and college. Finally at a point where I am ready to start looking for another Mustang. As soon as I sell my Infiniti I will probably be looking to buy a 71 or 72 coupe, I still have a stock pile of NOS parts in the folks basement. I plan on building a restorod with a stroker motor. Current toy is a 2001 Expedition with 4:10s, 33s, tuner, exhaust etc.
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