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  1. deerhunter83 sorry it took me 5 days to look but the only interior parts I have are steering column bezel/trimpiece(s), 2 parts...two door speaker grilles, dashboard speaker support bracket, complete speedo/tach gauge cluster w/ bezel, upper interior windshield bezel, some wood grain door panels, door sill plates, glove box, little box in the dash that goes where center vent would go if you had A/C, radio bezels... Thats ok. How much are you asking for the Cleveland engines and trans and the sport mirrors off the fastbacks?
  2. I have a set of used 71-72 fenders for sale or for trade for a pair of 73 fenders. Would prefer local pickup or could deliver if not to far. Make offer will send pictures if interested. Thanks
  3. Ok thanks. I seen on cal-mustangparts.com they sell them for all years except 71-73
  4. OK thanks. I seen on cal-mustangparts.com they made them for every year but 71-73
  5. Are you looking for standard hood? No nasa
  6. Can someone tell me what size wire to use on the headlamp engine harness on the 73 please?
  7. I have a used set off my 73 Mach 1 that I am replacing....front fenders, fender extensions and NACA Hood and Hinges.....I live in Dallas.....make me an offer and I can send pics if you are interested. Anthony Wish you were closer to far to drive for me lol
  8. Hey all, does anyone have a pair of good fenders and a good hood for 73? prefeably within a few hours of Muncie Indiana
  9. Do you still have these cars? Looking for some good fenders and a hood for a 73 and also any interior trim pieces mostly the rear quarter window trim.
  10. Gonna try to fix some bad wires on my taillight harness was wondering if someone could tell me what gauge of wire to use.
  11. I just need the left and right sides. My bottom pieces are still good
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