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    I have a 1973 mustang coupe hardtop that I picked up in March,2015 it has a 351w from a 1994 ford lightning that has been converted to carburetor. Still alot of work to do to it. Looking for help understanding this old ponny


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  1. Has 2.8 rear end and 265 r15s I didn't think that stuff mattered for the drive gear that goes onto the output shaft. I thought that info was needed for the correct speedo driven gear. I'm starting to believe it was supposed to have a metal drive gear cut into the shaft itself honestly. Just not sure why it wouldn't have it then.
  2. Thanks for the website but I don't have a 4 speed, it's a 3 speed automatic
  3. So Ive started on the job and I have found out I have a 1977 C6 transmission and not a c4 transmission like originally state. and the drive shaft is bare no drive gear anywhere to be found.
  4. 10-4 thanks alot. I'll start to tackle that job today
  5. Sorry. It was stated to me that the tranny was a c4. Since I haven't had the car to long I haven't verified If that's true. But for sake of argument say it's a c4, is the gear supposed to be pressed on? I know some are pressed and some are held on with a type of clips believe.
  6. Hey everyone, I have a 1973 coupe that I'm trying to get all the kinks out. What I'm having an issue with now is my speedometer doesn't work. I've checked the cable and it is still working. I can turn one end and guage responds but when I plug it into my tranny and drive the guage reads 0. I looked into the hole when the cable goes in the tranny and I do not see anything but a smooth shaft. I'm under the impression there should be a gear there that turns the speedo cable gear correct?
  7. I'm interested in A inside driver side door panel if you have one. Also if you have any the rear bumper guards that mount onto the rear.
  8. I know it 95 most companies went to electronic speedo, tranny has a speedo cable port on back side of it, I put a new speedo gear on, based on rear end gears and tire size went with a 18 tooth. But still no speedo. Also looking inside the tranny I don't see a gear that drives the speedo. As far as fuel guage I can't seem to get the plug to go onto the fuel sending unit. Not sure if the plug is damaged or the sending unit but it will not connect
  9. It has the original guages in the car, came with another set too. I swapped the guages out but still no luck. Im not sure if the original guages will work with my car with the motor swapped or not.
  10. hello forum, im new here and just thought I'd share my new project, I've had my 1973 mustang coupe for about a month, she has a 94 351w from a ford lightning. The motor has been converted back to carburetor but all the wires are there for fuel Injection. She starts up and runs seemingly fine but has some stuff that needs to be addressed such as none of my guages work, no speedo, fuel or warning lights. Would really like to fix this issue but don't know where to start. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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