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  1. Know how you feel:( I'm in the same boat..besides the house stuff I've got work & least 1 car to work on (The camaro) on the plus side I took care of the wife's car with my son this weekend for mothers day(Full blown detail all Adams stuff) Car is an 04 NEVER garaged WOW, that looks like new!! I will have to use that on my dually!!!
  2. glad to see you here, and a vert!!!! love it!! find your cable!!!!! we would love to see it!!!
  3. You're welcome! :D I know what you mean though. I have $1200 I need to spend on dental work...money that is better spent on the stang, in my opinion. >:( I know what you mean, that is coming for me also soon. the job right now is replacing both upper and lower ball joints on my 2000 F-350 dually 7.3 turbo diesel 4X4. took 2 days just to get the lt side hub off. it is all very big and very rusted and does not want to come apart!!!! I just hope the rt side goes better!!! then I have to put a new engine in my 1999 contour sport.
  4. just need to vent here a little!! spring is here and have so much to do out side in the yard to make it look nice for the wife..... and have to fix all my other cars and trucks that I do not have any time to work on what is most important...... the VERT!!!!!!!! I just want to drive my vert!!!!!!! sorry and thanks for listening!!!!
  5. That's what I did, my hole engine and tranny is off one step above the 351 HO cam + They did me real good!! now I have the engine on a run stand but not in the car yet. But wow does it sound strong!!!!! Call them!!!!! I guess I should put a pic or video of my engine on here????
  6. So glad to hear that!!! Now have some fun!!!! I have a running engine but the car is not done to put it in. I made and engine run stand so I can run it.
  7. ::welcome:: Glad to see another vert! Would love to see more pics. I agree with all with new oil and filter!!! The oil is no good sitting that long!!!
  8. ::welcome:: Very nice car and story!!! you will get a lot of info in here. look forward to hearing from you and seeing more pics!! I have a 72 vert
  9. i am 2,039 before you. cool!!!!!! I think I am going to order a report on my vert
  10. Do you need help?? I will come up if you need!! Please let me know!!!!!
  11. how about we work together on this. all S Steel and no pvc. you tell me what you need and I will weld it together. what do you think??
  12. ::welcome:: Glad to see another 72 vert here! We would love to see pics of it. You will enjoy it here!!!
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