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  1. Doc..When your ready to paint the car let me know...I will take a ride out with my helper Joey blowfish & help you..I admire you wanting to give it a go...But if you want a head turner your going to need an experienced painter (ME) To make it happen..when you get ready to do the body work call me & I will tell you the materials to buy..the procedures..I will also scan the issue of DuPont refinsher news I was written up in, & send it to you.. Q-CODE - a very generous offer. Nice to see the degree of willingness to help. DOC, if your up to spending a little and spraying a couple of times you can't go wrong with trying your hand and a few colors on various panels. That is what I am going to do now. + I need to sand better next time to see it better. I am going to get different shades of this color, well what ever shades they have of it!! I will take more pics and post when I do it. should be today.
  2. since I need more parts to do more work to the car, I was just fooling around with color combo's. This is just ruff sanded and painted with (ford dark toreador red) the same color as my F-350. I think it will look good with the ginger. Any thoughts???
  3. ::welcome:: Glad to see you here!!
  4. no, I already have my next project. A 1968 F-100. I just like the truck.
  5. not sure, I had one years ago but just used it as a plow truck. The one I had was a little newer then this one. I was able to get parts then. I do know you could not stop that truck, it would go anywhere!!!!!!! Just wondering if any one in here knows anything more about them??
  6. I know it is not a mustang but what do you think? International 1210 all wheel drive!! 68 or 70 I am not sure, looks for sale but do not know how much yet.
  7. Go to the bottom of the page and you will see get VIP. Click on it and it will tell you.
  8. + this Idea WILL cast you LOTS of $$ and skill to do it. I did see a 67 mustang 4X4 and it just did not look right! also just saying, we are here to give advice.
  9. ::welcome:: to the site!!!! Would love to hear and see your ideas.
  10. My wife wants to call my friend I got my car from and thank him for taking me away from her..... All I do is work on the car, no time for her LOL We have been married for 27 years in June, what does she expect??????
  11. Looks good, I can not wait to put mine in!!! keep us posted
  12. very nice!!!! love the pics and keep use posted with it!!
  13. Yep, that is what I was thinking. I will do a BIG order but I see you do not have the floor pans. I would get both sides. Both rocker supports, floor pans, skins, hood! outer shock towers Floor pans will be in early next week Don Good, call me and I will order all of it like we talked about, I still do not know if I need the right side rocker support, but if I do not need it some one in here will... Thank you
  14. Yep, that is what I was thinking. I will do a BIG order but I see you do not have the floor pans. I would get both sides. Both rocker supports, floor pans, skins, hood! outer shock towers
  15. LOL I was the same way!!! little by little I am figuring it out as you will!! ::welcome:: Glad you are here, you will like it!!!!!!
  16. I agree with sm3570, DO IT!!! My son put some on his car and it does look good!! And I think you want too!!
  17. since I can not find patches for this I should replace the hole quarters?? I have a spot welder so it should be better.....
  18. I see a bug in the paint on the last pic!!!!!.............LOL Really nice job!!!!!
  19. I think that is a perfect attitude!!!! It is fixable and probably should be, just keep in mind it will not be a cheep fix. But worth it in the end!!! Good luck and ask us lots of questions to help you do it!!!! Doc..I'am going to butt heads with you on this one & disagree..This is the type of project that unless he's willing to spend thousands of dollars to do it & see it through you run from ..It's also the type of project you see all over the internet these days of project cars for sale where it was taken apart some work done then abandened for lack of funds or loss of interest because the person took on more than they bargined for.. Belive me when I say that car has rust in the cowl..hinge pillars..rear rails..etc..There's more than meets the eye there...& that car is unsafe to drive in it's present form..As I said anything can be fixed..How deep are your pockets ? On the other hand where there's a will, there's a way..but the way still costs $$$$ no way around it No head butting taken, I do agree with you Scott as it will cost a lot of $$ if were to be fixed. Now you are also right that if he does want to keep it alive he needs to be committed to the work involved and the $$ amount it will take to do it. I only said that to show him both sides of it so he can make a good choice. You are giving very good information on how much work there would be to do it. with that said, I do also think it should be parted out for a better body. I think I put that right.....:huh:
  20. I love it and really think it is the best site around!! We will get much bigger!!!!
  21. Now the non helper would be my father in law that in his day was a good mechanic but now with his age he still thinks he can do it........but he can not!! Tonight he came over and tried to help me adjust the right door. now since I needed the door where it was for the frame work I am going to do I did not want the door moved!! The bit I had to remove the door latch (pin????) was broken he used pliers and put big marks on it. Then he moved the pin, shut the door and now he can not open the door. Hummmmm do I need this kind of help????? I love him but I think I will bring my 17 month old grandson to help me for now on!!!!LOL I just figured I would share a bad help story with you!!!
  22. I want to put Magnums on my vert but need to find out what size would be the best. I do not know anything about them yet, still need to learn and get them.
  23. I really miss my bike!!!!! I want a new one!!! Hummmm, maybe that is why I got a convertible????? But you still can't beat a bike on a nice warm day on the windy back roads like around here!!!!
  24. now that is what I need so I can get back on a bike!!!!!
  25. I was going to put one on my car but someone told me that they tend to break and should not use them, some car shows will not let you in with one. That is what I heard, is does make sense. Just thought I would pass that info on!!!!! Be careful!!
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