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  1. Doc, It's ok, you can tell where all that info came from :whistling: yep!!!! YOU!!!! thank you!!! Did I post it good for others wanting to do it???
  2. LOL, yes paint and all!!!!! but will not happen after the new paint job!!!!
  3. Just thought it would be neat to see who your young helpers are and teaching them the love of our classic cars so they never get forgotten and replaced with new ones!! who has the youngest helper????? This is my Grandson Morgan. He is about 9 months old in this pic, he is now 16 months old. He lives here with his 4 1/2 year old sister and there is no father around. They are the loves of my life and he would rather be with me then his mom!!! He is my Buddy!!! that is why I am building this car for him and not my 23 year old son!!!!LOL No he does not drink Poppy's beer but he loves to try!!!!
  4. I this it could be but not sure. this is the first time I have tried to do this. You may need a helper like I have to do it! this is my Grandson and yes the car is his car...... he is 16 months old now, this pic was taken last summer. He lives here and loves to be in the shop with me!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! The question is, is the car her's or your's??????/LOL haha I have one of those little helpers too.
  5. What branch are you in? I was in Turkey back in the 90's for the war with the USAF. I was there 2 times for it!! Stay safe!!!!!
  6. I this it could be but not sure. this is the first time I have tried to do this. You may need a helper like I have to do it! this is my Grandson and yes the car is his car...... he is 16 months old now, this pic was taken last summer. He lives here and loves to be in the shop with me!!!!
  7. update, found out to level the car with the rocker edge to the jig. Then set up a datum line to check all measurements on the passenger side. set the car to the datum line specs and then level side to side. after leveling the car to the datum line the car will be attached to the jig. So I have been trying to do this and found out the front end is twisted 3/8", back end looks good. I will let you know when the car is level and attached to the jig. and yes I am dreaming about measurements at night!!!! LOL
  8. Very nice convertible! Welcome!!!::welcome::
  9. That looks nice!!!! good luck and hope you get it.
  10. 30' deep X 42' long X 12' 6" high and it is a 11,000 lbs lift so I can pick up my F350 dually. I hope to expand the shop this year by, 18' deep( started but not done yet) and 20' on the lift side. most of both walls will come out when done! the only walls left will be the back corner where my welding table is.
  11. The next thing you know your wife will put your bed out there too rofl thats funny, she already told me that since my shop is 2X the size of the house!!
  12. yes it's a 32" TV, I am looking to get a 55" for there. I figure since my wife calls this my house I should have every thing I need up here!!!!LOL I love the lift, I don't know how I ever lived with out one!!!
  13. Yep, she does not from morning till bed time!!!! I love it!!! 100' from the house.
  14. This is a pic of my shop where I have all my fun. My wife call's it my home!!! It is a mess but I sometimes like it that way so my son can not work in here!!!!LOL:D
  15. ::welcome:: That sounds cool!! please show some pic's of it, we love them!!!!
  16. Thanks for the info, I need to have mine rebuilt. I was going to do it myself but maybe not now!!!!
  17. Yep, that is really cool!!! same here I should make one for my cave!!!!!!
  18. ::welcome:: nice looking car!!!
  19. Now I leveled it by the top edge of the rocker, this looks better and this is the difference in measurements. As per the chart with the car leveled at the rocker it looks like: the difference in measurements are 3/4" less then the chart ex: (center of front leaf spring bolt) Chart is 7.44" = 7 1/16" I have 6 3/4 that is a difference of -11/16" if I go by this it looks like I am aprox 1 1/4" low @ point A aprox 1 3/8" low @ the nose aprox 1/16 high in the back am I looking at this the right way?? by the way the frame under the leaf spring bolt is 5 1/8" 1" more then the front point.
  20. Darren 72, I ran some welds to see if I could get what you are getting. Just wondering if any of these 4 welds look like what you are getting.
  21. I started a thread like this before, but I need to start again in this one for verts. So here I go, need to replace my inner rocker supports so I made a jig to hold the car and keep it from moving when I start the work. Scott and others have been a Big help but I did not have the jig made at that time, yes as you will see I went overboard making the jig but that's me.. it is two 4"X6"X13' I beams welded together 27" off the floor and leveled. This is my Datum line. When I get the car leveled I will attache it to the jig at 4 points on the frame and extensions for the rockers. I was sent a underbody dimensions sheet but nothing seems to work out. I was told to put 3X at 6.5" and 2X at 6.0" ( as you will see in the pic) when I do this the front end is 2" too high. when I level it to the top edge of the rockers it looks real good but do not know where the nose and tale should really be. there is my problem. I have some pic's to show the car at 6.5" and 6.0" I will next level to the rockers and post more pics. Scott and all I am ready for your help please.
  22. ::welcome:: The car looks great!!!
  23. ::welcome:: Thank's for all the pic's!!!
  24. Any time, Just ask!! I will try to weld an example of what I think is happening here and post it in here. I tried today but the welds came out good so I could not use them. ( metal was still too new) I will do a new one in the morning so I can show it.
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