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  1. Thanks..Appreciate the advice. Every bit helps. I'm not that good when it comes time to calibrate the speed and heat before welding. I couldn't weld on the B setting on my welder so I went to the A. That was a no brainer. B setting was blowing through everything. The speed I changed but never got a good feeling about what was right or wrong. I am running it on 3 and may try to turn it down. If the weld is spitting back what does it mean? I'm sure it's a clue of what I should do concerning the settings but I'm ignorant to the fact. The car came apart so quickly but now everything is proceeding at a snail's pace. My car buddies want my car back on the road this summer and they are putting pressure on me to get it done..lol. Not sure if I can get it back together before the summer. I'm getting impatient and constantly remind myself that I have to slow down and be patient. I don't really have much help. It's hard when you need a second set of hands. Thank God for this forum and all the guys that are willing to help out! D..I think your running too much gas ...should be between 12-15..I never look at the gas or speed setting only heat ONCE I'm dialed in..The best way I have found is to do it by ear & sight..Start at 12 on the gas..low on the heat..grab a piece of scrap metal..Lay a bead & as your welding turn the speed up or down till it sounds like bacon frying..Get close then do the same thing with gas...Works for me..Also are you laying the tip of the welder at a slight angle ? If not you should be...Also your ground should be as close as possible to where your welding....025 wire size(wire size will make a huge difference!!! thicker wire=more heat) & nozzle gel before every welding session...try the above SCott, That's the exact question I asked the local restoration car shop in the area. They said the .030 or .035 was fine. I thought the same thing about the wire. I am going to change it out and see what the difference is. On the gas it is 12 cfh or 12 l/min. I am using the cfh at about 25 which is approx 12 l/min. You got me on nozzle gel? I am setting on lowest speed and running a bead w/o gas? When it sounds like bacon frying I then do it again with gas on maybe around 12? Where does the speed come in on this test. You mentioned before that I should turn down the speed. I have been running around 3. I was going to try and run it lower. If I change wire everything I have been doing may change so I guess the speed may change and I may be fine where it is. Thanks Scott. I probably owe you a few beers at this point. Thanks again. If the weld is spitting back at you and making what looks like little volcanoes, that means there is still contamination there (rust/paint). since you are welding a seam it is probably in the seam where you can not see( in side or back side of it) If that is it that is why you are getting your pin holes. you need to get the rust, paint, dirt/grease out before welding.
  2. ::welcome:: Glad to see ya here!
  3. My Son wanted me to weld closed the silencer holes in his supercharger! He still has more sanding/polishing to do to it.
  4. Funny, I did the same thing with my towers and frame inside the tower area. I even took out the support inside the towers to repair them and the tower. It did come out nice, but like you said A lot of time!!!! I took pics as I made things.
  5. I looked into the carbs when I was choosing mine and I found out that; the stock for carbs are smogged out, yes they work well but not as good as an aftermarket one! size; I found out with what I put on my engine 351 4V roller tip rockers, pritty big cam 1500- 5800 rpm and the intake to match I should have a 670 cfm carb. I was told the 700 - 750 cfm I would loose performance. Now that is what I found out from many different places, I was not in here at that time. I have the engine on my run stand and it sounds really responsive and real good, but it has not been in the car yet so I do not know. I am sure more people will add more info hope this helped
  6. love it, that was good!! now you need to get him back!!!!!!
  7. Yes it is nice around here. I think I really should change and stagger my shocks and add a rear sway bar then!! I will look into doing that. Thanks!!
  8. I will take it to the local track just to see what it will do and what it is like to do it. My main thing is having fun on the road, I live in the Pocono's so I have a lot of windy back roads. I would like the car to handle well. I know sway bars help with body roll but what does the staggered shock do?
  9. I see a lot of talk about staggered rear shocks. is there a difference?? I do not have them, should I change it?? and I do not have a rear sway bar, should I add that also?? I did change from a stock 351c 2v to a 351c 4V hooped up a little.
  10. worked on my leveling jig so I can hold my vert straight to replace the inner rockers. I think I am spending way too much time on this then just working on the car!!!!LOL
  11. I agree with the original look but my problem is I do not think I like the brown color of my car. I would like to change it but after reading every thing in here I think I will change a little off the brown and add some black to it so I think it looks better. any other changes I am doing to the car will only be bolt on, I have all the # stock parts. My car is also going to my grandson he is only 1 1/2 years old so I have lots of time for me to have fun with it. I am finding it hard to not keep it 100% stock but like someone said, it is mine I should be happy with it!!! Good luck with yours and have fun!!! This is what mine would look like stock!!
  12. I am also not an alcoholic but I drink every night, I do it to take the pain away!! It is the only thing that works!! Just so you know why the pain, I shattered both my heals 2 years ago and they hurt all the time. I could go on but don't think this is the place for it. I hope you drink Molson or Labatt!!!LOL
  13. Castrol Super Clean as a degreaser? I have never used it, I will have to try it. I use Por 15 Marine Clean, it works very very well!! Just do not spray it on paint!! This is a shop of my new paint job on my block untill I tryed to clean it with the por 15, my perfect Blue paint is now...... something other!!!!! I does work very well cleaning!!!
  14. thanks, I will have to post a video of my engine on the run stand I made.
  15. can you post video's in here or only pics?? just woudering
  16. Yes I agree with Scott, lower your heat and speed on the welder. Also use the copper backing. if it is blowing one peace more then the other it is because it is thinner metal (rusted and will not take the same heat) focus the weld on the better metal, make sure ALL rust is GONE!!!!!! before welding. Mig does not do well with rust at all it makes it much harder to weld. Do a pulse weld ( just one small shot at a time) Good question!! Good luck and please let us know how you make out!!
  17. ::welcome:: Looks real good. have fun with it!!!!
  18. I will post some pics when I finish my base line jig to make/hold the car level. Yes, Scott is a very big help!!!!!!!
  19. or you can look into the new band type clamps, they will seal the pipes but you can still remove them later with out problems!!
  20. I hear Ya Doc..But I have a feeling you may be lost in the sauce..You should have called me..if the leaf spring holders weren't installed right you'd know it driving the car. I am sorry I was not able to call, then I wanted to set up my base line before I called. I will be calling you soon, when would be good for you as I do not want to bother you?? Thank you!! Doc I only drove it maybe 200 miles. and it was not a good ride. but I did not think of problems like that at the time.
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