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  1. I usually put 2 of the crankshaft pulley bolts back in about half way and wedge a wrench between them in such a way that it catches the water pump housing or something else while turning.
  2. No they did not even say mustang on them so they could go in several vehicles. I will have to dig through garage and find my originals. I ordered new and still have the car so I know what came with it. My window sticker says "Front Color Keyed Floor Mats" and cost $13.30. I saw a set in a guys trunk on craigslist ad for a 1973 T-bird and tried to buy them but he would only sell with the car. The dealer options book or catalog has a picture if I remember correctly. I don't know if the showroom brochure has a pic or not will have to look. David Thanks, I will search for a picture too. I scanned my dealer invoice, but there is no mention of the mats on it.
  3. Interesting on the floor mats. Does anyone have a picture or link? I bought the rubber ones thinking that's what they were. I hope they were not the ones I threw away, Had "MUSTANG" spelled out on them, looked aftermarket.
  4. I am in the process of putting the car back like this. No side stripes with a spoiler and trim rings and caps. Almost done, have to replace the interior that the mice messed up. When I bought it in 96 it had the stripes and I put magnums on it. I originally thought traction-lok was standard on all 4v cars. After reviewing a bunch of reports on here, found out it wasn't. Guess that's something special about mine :) Pictures below are current state.
  5. I bought the standard 71-73 351C dual kit 2 1/4" from CJ's and installed without staggered shock issues.
  6. Thanks all for the discussion. I was confused after seeing some pictures with only the shifter bezel. Based on what was said here, I think I will re-install a mini console in my 72. Got a real nice one from a member here that I re-coated. The car had one in it that was likely original but hard to be sure since the car had other things added to it like side stripes. Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm wondering if the mini console was standard equipment on cars with standard interior or was there none at all? I have looked at a bunch of Marty reports and don't recall seeing it listed on any. The center console is listed though. I have my dealer invoice with no mention of any console. I am a purist and was just wondering. Thanks
  8. I went through a similar situation. Turned out my new torque converter was out of balance after I tried everything else. If you can unbolt it and it spins freely, push it back towards transmission, you should have a little space. Then start it and see. If your converter has studs, you won't be able to do this.
  9. I have been watching this thread. Similar situation here. I have been getting my car back on the road after sitting for years. After getting it running and tuning it, I noticed the vibration. I noticed it about 2500 rpm and higher. Seemed to smooth out over 4000. Here's what I did... New harmonic balancer - no fix New plugs/wires - no fix New distributor - no fix All new vacuum lines - no fix Since I had already put in a new flywheel and torque converter after some transmission pump work, I didn't think it was either of those. On a last ditch effort (which I wish was my first), I unbolted the torque converter and pushed it back the 3/8" space that I had. Started the car up and was smooth as butter. Apparently the new converter is out of balance. Now I have to pull the transmission out again :-/
  10. My thoughts are that car is scrap. Get the interior quarter plastic panels, might need those someday :-) My opinion
  11. Sounds to me like distributor 180 degrees out or off as mentioned before. Did you mark where the shaft was when you took the old one out? If not, you might have to align it to TDC on #1 cylinder. Sorry if you already know this, just throwing this out there. It won't start if timing is way off.
  12. Reproductions are available if you didn't know. Mustangs Unlimited has the 10 pc set $389. I have the repros and they are just like the originals.
  13. Perfect, love it! Peeled the stripes off mine a few weeks ago.
  14. I suspect that's an older restoration. Some things on the engine not right for a 28k mile car. Wrong air cleaner. Coil was moved. Gas feed going to left side, probably an aftermarket carburetor. Power steering cooler hose. Distributor vacuum not even used? Just some observations.
  15. Lots of mods on this one. More than just bolt on accessories. Not my cup of tea, but interesting. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-/281781001277?forcerrptr=true&hash=item419b74dc3d&item=281781001277
  16. That must have took some engineering. Those doors are DARN HEAVY.
  17. I would guess the water pump went out. That's the noise they make.
  18. That sure looks like a Motorcraft 2100D to me. Some parts here http://www.carburetion.com/ford2v.htm
  19. Nice fastback. I agree with others. The car looks very original and I would keep it true to the window sticker and Marti report. Hard to find cars that were not modified.
  20. Looks like a good unmolested car with very desirable options.
  21. The interesting thing about that picture is the 2 tone ford blue.
  22. Drive that baby to Wally World :)
  23. Another trim ring and hub cap car with magnums on it. I guess I'm one of the rare few who love those trim rings and caps, the just say "Mach 1" to me. :) I had the magnums on my car for a while, but so did everyone else.
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