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  1. I have had a 1kg extinguisher in the shed with the intention of fitting it for some time now, after watching this, tomorrow is the day. I agree that it looks like an electrical fire, I have a battery isolator at arms length so at least the fire doesn't continue to be fed.
  2. Nice shot, however I don't think health and safety would allow this to happen in Australia now days.
  3. "Choice" Greg, that looks sweet, I have often admired those two skinned stainless tips and thought how well they are made. Paul.
  4. Hey Brett, Sounds like we have run down a parallel path. My parents drove us all over the place in an xa 302 Fairmont wagon, it was just over 300,000kms when he sold it, still all original and it never let us down, not even once, unbelievable car. That was the start of my love of the x series ford and over the years have owned many. Now I own a 71 Fastback.
  5. Great shots, I love the use of the sun for effect, must try that myself some time. Nice looking car, very cool.
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