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  1. MG42

    1971 Q code

    Thanks guys I did see an automated on ebay a wile back. So I let the seller know he had one of 50 and shared the info Adrian listed on this thread. He was very pleased and I think it may have helped him sell the car. Ed
  2. MG42

    1971 Q code

    Hello all its been a wile since I have posted here. I got my elite Marti report on my car and it states out of the 29 4speed 1971 Q codes. Mine was the only green one made. Ed
  3. Thanks Mike I will try a set of those.
  4. No problem with the tail pipes and the crackle I was referring to was not loose metal in the mufflers.
  5. Hello all soI bought my 71 mach 1 with a 351 4v in it. It has hooker headers and dynamax super turbo but they were rusted and had holes. I don't want to sound like an idiot but in all honesty it sounded good and when you got into it it sounded great. The car came with a new set of dynamax super turbos so I installed them today. The car really sounds like a dog and doesn't seem to run as well and has lost all of the crackling it had when you let off the gas quick? Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the informative post 72hcode!
  7. This is a roller motor would that change the type of oil I run in it? Sorry for the novice questions.
  8. hello all what is the best oil to use in these old motors. a buddy of mine told me to use royal purple. thanks Ed
  9. MG42

    1971 Q code

    Thanks for the info Ray.:)
  10. MG42

    1971 Q code

    Yes Adrian thank you for the information and time on the new car as I would like to know as much as I can about it. Is it true that the 71 Q coded cobra jet engine came with functional ram air as well? Ed
  11. MG42

    1971 Q code

    No I think im the third owner. I don't know if it helps you guys or not but I have the original build sheet on the car. She is on her way.
  12. MG42

    1971 Q code

    I will check to see if the engine tag is still present. The pics he sent me of the care are really bad. It will be here Thursday morning so I can take some good ones. Dave I wonder what was on the air cleaner from the factory and has anyone seen an original to say for sure. It was a cobra jet engine with ram air. Ed
  13. MG42

    1971 Q code

    Thanks guys for all the info on the car. I am super excited to get it!!
  14. MG42

    1971 Q code

    Here is the Marti report on the car. I called them and asked why the functional ram air was not listed and they said that the 1971 Q code cobra jet engine came with functional ram air and the Q signifies that. Also thought it was odd that it has the tapped holes for a rev limiter? Did all the engine bays have that? Thanks again for everyone imput. Ed
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