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  1. Like I said in the initial post...I'm not involved with the local club because of work. I, like some uneducated people, assumed that National meant a major once a year thing, but apparently I was wrong. :angel: From what I've read today, I'm now assuming that it is one of the several National Shows. That does not change my offer or hoping that some of us can make a trip in Lincoln. This is what I've gathered. This show will be in August of 2014 held in downtown Lincoln, NE. The city of Lincoln is in the process of building a new arena with open air "festival space" and large 1700 sp
  2. It's official, well has been for a couple of months, the National 2014 MCA show will be in Lincoln, NE Aug. 2014. Lincoln is centrally located and within easy driving distance (8-10 hrs) of Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Denver, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Denver. I'm hoping that we have some good turnout for 71-73 Mustangs!! I'm sure that mine will not be ready unless I win the lottery and develop some major skills FAST. But, I guess if I win big enough I can hire someone to do it all :D. I'm not very involved with the local groups because of my work schedule but will keep you guys in the l
  3. Very strange indeed, what you say that about the p.s. cooler. I have a '73 and my mother bought it new in '73. Mine sits in exactly the same place, now I have a 302 2v but it may not be be too weird...maybe that's where it was placed from the factory, mine WAS. In fact IIRC in the shop manuals I have it's shown in that position.
  4. Looks really nice! Still not my favorite color but all the black really helps. The '73 of my nightmares was a coupe with no black on it at all and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much aqua, lol. Congratulations!
  5. That's the spoiler I've always wanted on my car too! I've had it in my head for 30 years now. Maybe, just maybe, if I ever get my car to my place where I can start working on it...
  6. In my humble opinion, med aqua, is one ugly color. It is not as deep as grabber blue and has more green. When my mother bought my mustang new in 73 she had the choice or our green gold or med aqua and I hated it then as an 8 year old and still do! I have a 73 mustang paint chip card that I bought off ebay and the color is as bad as I remember it. I love grabber blue but something is off about the med aqua to my eye. The true color sits somewhere between the two pics you have. it is like the top one in lightness with the green of the second one mixed in, if that makes any sense. I can see
  7. Ok, I'll admit it I still don't have my car at my place so I can start in on it...AND I know nothing about cars BUT. If there is major repair work to fix the problems like 72HCode had, wouldn't it be just as easy to put in a Rod and Custom Motorsport Mustang II front end kit? The kit cost is about $2500 and would seem to make the car safer and maybe handle better in the long haul.
  8. If this is in the wrong place, sorry. Has anyone seen the GoDaddy.com ad with the red 71 - 73 convert? Yeah, the focus is suppose to be on the hot cop chick and the hot driver chick, but I wanted to see more the car! I did see that it had the painted bumper so automatically thought 73 but maybe they used them in 72 like they did on the Mach I? Anyway, a sighting to watch for. OK, it seems I'm way behind the times. After some internet searching I see that it was an ad for the Indy500 and was the most watched GoDaddy commercial, however can't find it on the godaddy site. The full vers
  9. Same here...I don't exactly know what happened this year but I think that it skipped at least a week if not two! Wasn't it like the 4th when I went to bed last night?
  10. My '73 coupe has been in the family sine he was born. Yes, it's a boy...he's very temperamental about that. Anyway, my mom bought it new in North Platte, NE in May of 1973. There were 2 mustangs left on the lot and there would not be anymore coming in before the "next generation" or abomination was due to be released. She had her choice of the greengold or a horrific blue. I still remember, plain as day exactly where they sat on the lot next to each other looking so damn cool. I also remember begging her not to pick the blue one, gawd, anything but that awful blue. Of course it had an a
  11. Trying to decide what system to start looking at after I get done with the engine work I have planned for the next couple months. I've decided that a disk break upgrade is in order (gawd I've always hated my spongy breaks). Then thought well if I'm there maybe I need to think about a front suspension upgrade. In doing some research I'm leaning towards the R & C MII and an wanting to know if anyone here has actually gone this route. Everything I've read people say the company is reputable and good products etc, but I'm leery. Not of the company but if this is the way to go. It takes ou
  12. Finally a question that I can answer LOL. YES you can switch them from one side to the other. In fact that's what I did 25+ years ago when I recovered my seats in h.s. Yes the track adjuster is on the "wrong side" as well as the back seat access knob, we just wired it up so that the latch did not catch. OK, maybe that's not the safest but who really wants to sit back there to come flying forward during a stop to push the seat forward. Other than simple safety reasons I don't see the point of the latches anyway.
  13. I agree the color is very nice! Wonder if there are any other cars this color around? If there are those are some pretty lucky owners! :D
  14. HA! My mother works for those bastages, in the grocery area and she told me yesterday that they have 10 pallets of candy in the backroom waiting to go out for Halloween and they have been there for almost 6 weeks now. As for Christmas I was in the local HobbyLobby around Aug 5 and they already had all of their Christmas trees, decorations and displays out. Better than last year when they had it all out buy July 15 and I somewhat loudly stood in the middle of the store and announced "WTF? It's not even Aug and you greedy bastards are shoving Christmas down our throats?" then put down t

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