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  1. Anyone have a full set of vinyl roof trims available and willing to ship to Australia ? I’m really only after the drivers side ( still LHD ) Z shaped mould that goes from the lower area to the roof behind the 1/4 window but will take a complete kit if available.

    hopefully complete with clips , thank you 


  2. 19 hours ago, mjlan said:

    As Geoff says, I am pretty sure that the stampings you show are consistent with those of an original bumper.

    I changed mine recently and it has the same type of stampings. I've stared at the date code stamping and I think the '2' after the date code is the stamping plant shift not the MY, I think the MY is the two digits after the '71M.'

    Yours would be (IMO) 9/27/71, 2 rd shift, so if your car was an early-ish October '71 build 72 then likely original.

    My car is an August of '70 build, so this bumper is likely original (8/19/70 3rd shift):



    Yes mine is a early 72 and going by my marti report September is correct 


    20 hours ago, Stanglover said:

    From the numbers, I would say it is an original. I recently replaced a known aftermarket rear bumper with a known NOS one. It has similar date codes. Also the biggy is if you look at the end of the bumper, the amount of material drawn at the top edge, is considerably greater. For me, this was the main reason I switched to an NOS one. Here's a pic of the the end part I'm trying to describe. 1626 = aftermarket, 1640 = NOS. The fit is much better. Hope this helps.



    Mine is 100% original then as mine does not have the crazy gap the aftermarket gives you , wow makes you wonder how they can sell Them

  3. Can someone tell me if my rear bar is genuine going by these numbers ? , my painter has scratched my bar and I’m looking at either rechroming or replacing with a aftermarket but obviously if mine is aftermarket I’m not going to spend the extra coin rechroming I’ll just replace with another aftermarket one .

    has anyone used the aftermarket front and rear bars before are they any good do they fit well ? Does the chrome hold up ? 



  4. Can I please have some help please I had a new vinyl roof fitted to my grande the trimmer used the factory measurements out of the book to position the stitch join and I’m worried something is wrong because under the trim at the rear there looks to be a factory formed gap under the trim for it to line up with ? I just want to see if this is correct or not  , can I please get a photo of the area in the photo so I can see the vinyl raised area with the joint stitch under the trim , thank you 


  5. Can I please get some help im doing some work on my 1972 Grande coupe and just need to know the correct location / measurements of the posts on the bottom of the back window so that I can mount my trims with out issue after , I only want measurements from a coupe not a fast back , photos would be great also , thank you in advancee3fbe358402adf16b0acaff186c073c9.jpg



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  6. I’m running the FAST EFI 1.0 in my 1972 Grande very happy with the performance and throttle response of this unit , 100% not going back to carby ever should of done it years ago , I also used the tanks inc internal fuel pump in my tank highly recommend their products



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  7. You'll need the C-4/MT "4-leg" transmission crossmember




    Insulator is the same for FMX & C-4


    Shift rod from shifter to transmission is the same length, but there are minor differences between FMX and C-4. It "should" work - as long as your C-4 is a floor shift model.


    You'll also need:


    shorter driveshaft (FMX - 51 3/32" - 4 speed/C-4 - 50 13/16") - you might be okay with this, but you'll need the 28 spline C-4 type yoke regardless.

    C-4 Cooler lines

    Flexplate and block plate to match C-4 transmission.

    C-4 backdrive rod to column



    Is the length of the tail shaft you gave me correct ? I mean could I make one up ready from the measurements you gave me ? I already have a yoke to suit the C4 and and everything else like flex plate and torque converter



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  8. Hi guys can any one help me I’m going to swap my FMX out for a C4 in my 1972 Grande , my question is I’m wanting to either buy a genuine transmission mount to suit my C4 or see a Picture of the difference between a C4 and a FMX Mount so I can work out how to modify my existing mount to fit the C4 , also any other info you guys have on what modifications are needed to do the swap out obviously I know I’ll need to make another tail shaft and fabricate some new cooler lines , but from what I’m told the T bar from my FMX will bolt straight up to the C4



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  9. I got a new set from Dashesdirect ( sold through California Mustang )in the Ginger for my 1972 Grande just a month ago and it was no where near Ginger I’d call it a cappuccino colour in no way Ginger , the quality of the mould is fine so I guess if you got the black from them you would be happy or maybe the white but give the Ginger a miss they should not be advertising as a Ginger it’s false advertising , I’m also interested in a good supplier of the Ginger colour if anyone knows 100% of the colour match ? .

    I got my money back and also got to keep the trims but this colour is so dam ugly lol

  10. With all the science going on recently I was curious as to the number of 71 vs 72 vs 73 on this forum. Please take the time to post up year and make. Believe it or not this will give a pretty good sample group as to the percentage of survivors vs the # produced. IF YOUR PROUD OF IT, POST IT!!!

    2- 73 Q codes. 1 sport package automatic, 1 regular interior 4 speed.



    1972 Grande 351 Clevo



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