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  1. Yes like that I've always done mine like this with next to no warping , are you worried about possible rust concern? , I've never had rust problems with this as long as you seal behind or rust proof behind
  2. Kurt utube has a heap of videos about fitting panels on mustangs check it out , another way to stop the panel from warping is to over lap the butt weld by 5mm this gives it support
  3. Can I do this from Australia would love this if also for my 72 grande
  4. Thanks mate sounds good ,let me know as soon as you find out . And let me know what you are asking for it
  5. Sorry forgot USA translation boot is trunk and bonnet is hood lol, it's the rear panel between rear glass and trunk on other models its called a filler panel
  6. I'm after the panel on a coupe that goes between the rear window and the boot lid , I'm after a rust free and straight panel , it will need to be cut out . If you have one available let me know how much you want for it including the cost of removing it , I'm in Australia so I will also need it shipped , will pay good price for the right part please PM me
  7. Mate is it possible to have the panel between the boot and the window ,it's welded in and needs to be cut out, is it rust free? ,what price would you ask for it with removal cost ?
  8. Mine is medium yellow gold and I love her, funny thing is mustard colour is back in so I'm on top already lol
  9. More mustangs in Australia is a good thing sick of seeing them destroyed in US movies lol no respect!!
  10. As mine had a 1968 Shelby fiberglass panel originally I went with the steel one of the same vintage. so its possible to modify a fiberglass panel to fit also?
  11. Wish there was a bolt on kit for those shelby tail lights for the 71-73 models
  12. i managed to fit the bottom section of the trim set as that was the worst part of my original due to rust , but ill need to be careful with the sponge when i clean the car as i think even that would dent it lol, i really cant see why they are so expensive with the quality they are ??, the place that sold them told me they were top quality and they have never had anyone complain!, when i told them how unhappy i was they told me i must of fitted them wrong!. i think ill stay clear of after market trims from now on and just hunt for and collect original trim
  13. cool video another for my collection ,thanks guys
  14. i got heaps of pics of 65-70 mustangs on the production line but why cant i find any for 71-73 mustangs ????. got to be ones out there?? can members please help out!!
  15. welcome aboard! ,i know deep down even your 08 stang wants to be a 71-73 (and who can blame it right?)
  16. is anyone looking at making them again seems they are in high demand ?, and yes made for every model except 71-73
  17. just got my repo rear coupe window trims in the mail after waiting weeks ( they looked good in the packaging),went to fit them today and they are impossible not to bend its like they are made of a paper thin aluminum really unhappy with the quality, has anyone else donated money to these poor quality reproduction trim and had any luck fitting them?:(
  18. im having trouble adjusting the door glass to the 1/4 glass and i think the new seals are the problem anyone else finding this?
  19. anyone got a pair of A pillar trims for a coupe in good condition willing to ship to Australia , or even if not a pair any single ones in good condition?
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