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  1. have you or anyone else got any coupe A pillar trims in good condition?, and willing to ship to Australia?
  2. yes i also found it strange to have more then one location to place the rod?, reading a workshop manual it tells you to put the drivers side rod in the top hole to allow for more head room,Ill check out the marks i have telling me where the rods would of been and see if the numbers match your fast back and let you know !
  3. thanks mate that will help so much! is yours a coupe or fast back?, mine is a coupe probably wont matter?
  4. i was removing my head liner today and forgot to check which hole the rod ends went into, i can see old marks in the holes but dont seem right on the left side they go in the bottom of the 3 and on the right side they go in the front hole? is this correct can anyone tell me what ones are correct?
  5. thanks guys well as long as they work im happy with that, just makes you wonder why ford made them so big in the first place?, did anyone find that they rattle more after fitting the new rubber? might be a problem when window is down on rough roads?
  6. Hi guys just sharing some pics of a replacement weather strip i imported from a mustang specialist in the US to Australia, has anyone fitted this strip to there 71-73? does it work just as well as original, ford must of made it fatter for a reason??.
  7. is your vinyl roof brown? if yes is it correct material for the roof ?, i had trouble replacing mine had to use normal interior vinyl material as vinyl roof material only comes in black and white, if you know where i could get some proper vinyl in brown please let me know
  8. looks good its a shame im keeping my grande stock would shore stand out with the XB grill, the XA grill is also plastic but has a metal dress trim around the edge would also be easy to modify, my mate is dropping one of each around tomorrow even a XC grill with the GXL square lights so ill see how they measure up and let you all know.
  9. i had a look at a grill on the weekend, i was surprised to find out the xb falcon is wider then my 72 mustang, i have a mate who is doing up a xa coupe and has not made up his mind what front to use xa,xb,xc so ill take a pic of the grill against my mustang and give you a look. i also own a falcon as my everyday driving car its a 2004 xr6 turbo with 1974 XB falcon bonnet scoops crafted into the original bonnet, the color is a factory ford color called citric acid. i really love this car but always find my self back in my Grande every chance i get lol
  10. Do you think Eric Bana has something to do with the increasing price and popularity of these cars? i don't really think he has made a difference! ,mad max is still the most famous movie for Aussie cars in Australia ,not that many know about Bana and his beast!. Ive always had a love for American muscle and when i was a kid mustangs were out of reach so i got a xa hard top and a 1969 ford capri (mini mustang),it took years before i finally got a mustang and know i cant live with out them (even lost one in a divorce RIP!), But that never stopped me lol
  11. thanks for the movie mate, i wonder if the car is still living? possible someones pride and joy today lol
  12. yes im keeping my grande totally original as its a 1 of 1!, LOL "its the only (1) i own!". its strange ive owned 4 mustangs in my life here in Australia and i never knew about a grande until i got mine! and it really stands out in the car shows i go to as everyone else has fastbacks and standard coupes so to me its rare and special in OZ!!
  13. Hey Fangstang, don't be showing me pictures of XB Coupe's; it makes me sad!! I had a reasonably decent XB GS Fairmont coupe and sold it about ten years ago for $2200 and began regretting it six months later and to this very day :( Thought I'd buy another one one day but then the prices went absolutely through the roof - I actually paid less for my rust free 72 Mustang than I would be able to get a dodgy XB for. I suppose I should look on the bright side though, as if I still had the XB I would not have a Mustang right now. LOL i know what you mean my first car was a GS XA hardtop and i also cant understand the prices lately (just wait until the MAD MAX 4 movie is released soon the prices will go even higher as they are using the xa-xc coupes again to make the movie.
  14. this was in the car park when i first pulled up so i took a pic and the blue fastback was from a show i went to last fathers day hope you like the pics while you are all loving the pics check out our GT ford falcons ( look like anything? lol) this was or muscle cars in the 1973-74 era do you think ford Australia looked at your 71-73 mustangs before they built them?? lol
  15. hi guys went to a car show in Australia just last weekend took some pics not many 71-73 models but still some nice cars!, some have been converted to right hand drive others are still left hand drive as Australian rules allow this. i did not take mine as the show was 1000km from my home town, so i got a flight down for the day instead had a great day and finally got to see a 67 Eleanor in the flesh (3 in fact lol) pic below sorry its not a 71-73!!!!!!
  16. OK here is a pic of one of your Aussie members
  17. great looking stang! i love that color
  18. welcome to the site and don't forget the pics lol
  19. OK ill check up on it! because when it finally runs out of pads i"m stuffed!!, the car pulls up very well even under speed so possible was a up grade from a earlier owner?
  20. my first mustang was a mach1 69 fastback my ex wife made me sell it! it all went down hill from there lol . but I'm glad now because 71-73 mustangs kick ass!!!!!!!!.
  21. I'm heading down to a mustang national at the end of April,id say by the time i get back you will have a lot more members. i really love this site there is no need to read the fine print to see if the article applies to your car because its always only about 71-73 mustangs
  22. we all love this site mate!,welcome aboard
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