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  1. ok here is the part number of my caliper? what is it from?
  2. Was your car originally an export car? Is it a 73? If so do you know the build date? While it just my opinion, I can't imagine why, even for export, Ford would but different brakes on the car. Lights maybe, left hand drive maybe, but brakes I can't imagine. Having said all of that, car companies often do strange things that don't make sense to me. Chuck my car is a 1972 vin car ,but was built in sep 71 and it was imported into Australia by myself a year ago from California.
  3. they are not carbon copies of each other check out the number "0" they are different??? yes i also find it strange that my passenger side is a may71 and drivers side is a may70 how is this possible??
  4. wow !!! did you just make that its amazing same print and everything!
  5. welcome mate, as long as we all work together the site can only get better,its the only 71-73 site i could find also (about time!!)
  6. its amazing how good it feels to find your build sheet untouched under the carpet ive laminated the both of them to protect them forever.
  7. OK i found a second one under my passenger side carpet and its in much better condition and i can read everything this time ( thank you for letting me know there was a second). Ive updated my sheet now and its 100% correct. a interesting thing i found is one sheet is a may 1971 and the other is a may 1970 issue?
  8. ill check out the passenger side some more did not see another?, its hard to read mine but using others on this site Ive worked out the letters. when i take a pic of my build sheet the letters don't show up so i cant send you a copy sorry, im cleaning it up and getting it laminated today to protect it and ill transfer the info onto a repo build sheet i just got to show at car shows (does any one know how to reproduce the letters to look original?) i will have another look on the passenger side to find another i only thought there was one per car?. i cant send you a better copy as the letters don't show up on film? but i copied down all the info i could find on it after hours of straining my eyes lol. I'm 100% on the info i have except for the radio codes? ( i have a AM with eight track) and the fender skirts in the wheel area ( what does B mean?). I'm going to copy it all onto a repo build sheet i got but need to get stamps to match can anyone help me to find the stamps?. (also what does the rotation number at the top mean?) i will get under my car to copy down the rear axle info because i cant read that also.
  9. so my brakes are original ? i compared my build sheet to a lot of them on this site and my letters are different to all others? so its possible they are original right?
  10. i checked for my build sheet today and i found it just in front of the drivers seat under the sound proofing mat, i can read a bit of it but the rest is damaged from rust stains from light surface rust on the floor. does anyone own a 1971-72 grande that i can read the build sheet details from to complete the factory option listings ( i have a brand new repo build sheet to stamp as a display at car shows)
  11. do not use silicone on the screws because silicone has salt in it ( try tasting it) lol. you can buy a lanolin product in a tube for putting into holes before putting the screws in that stops rust ( if you know anyone that works at Nissan they get the tubes with the tourno cover kits in the back of utility's). my grande had them fitted but original owner took them off i want to replace them but also not sure how well the repo ones fit?
  12. OK i fitted the clips and the noise is finally gone. but i just wanted to show you all my front brake pads to see if they are the same as every other 1972? , because when ever i look at a parts catalog the pads for a 71-73 look nothing like mine the closest i can find is ford bronco and 1974 mustang but not 100% the same. does any one have pics of their front calipers and pads for me to look at? does anyone understand the part number on the pad ? means nothing in Australia is this the original brakes for a 1972
  13. ill be fitting them in the morning they just arrived in the mail, ill take some pics and place them on here. i'm interested to see if anyone has front pads like mine because when i look up pads for 72 mustang they look nothing like mine?
  14. my 1972 grande has staggered shocks and its a 2v 351 ,so the mach1 was different with this option? Was your Grande an export to the land of OZ or a state side car? It is my understanding that the sport suspension was an option on all Mustangs no mater the engine. I think the exports may have gotten the heavy duty as a standard ,maybe? Don ! You got me !! For sure !!! I was rethinking every thing I have learned about stangs since 1967 !! Your name wouldn't be "Uncle B.S. would it? lol No my Grande was only just imported to Australia a year ago
  15. wow! thanks guys i'm in heaven with all the grande pics
  16. thanks for the help guys i was really running out of options already LOL
  17. my 1972 grande has staggered shocks and its a 2v 351 ,so the mach1 was different with this option?
  18. i'm not sure if this is normal or strange but i'm collecting pics of 1972 Grande's like the one i own just so i can see other color options and so how many are out there. so far Ive only got ones off eBay and other for sale sites. can i get a hand from the members here if you have any pics of 1971-73 grande's please post them here or pm me ,many thanks guys
  19. just waiting for them to arrive in the mail and ill take some pics when fitted,cant wait to say good bye to the crazy rattle
  20. nice car don't give up on it and welcome
  21. welcome mate and look after that stang
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