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  1. have you seen the movie FLASH OF GENIUS ? Its the true story about how ford got the intermediate wipers for the mustang great movie and good shots of mustangs
  2. ok i looked up the original owner in the US white pages and gave him a call, found out at around 8pm my time in Australia its around 2am in LA LOL. the original owner passed away 2yrs ago but i got hold of his son and he has lots of history on my car complete with photos. and the best thing that i find amazing is that the original owner was a Filipino and my wife is also Filipino so we had a lot to talk about the call lasted for around a hour (not happy about the phone bill lol). ill up date you all when i get the history on my pride and joy.
  3. thanks for all the help guys i did a little ringing around and had no luck then i got bored and did a search on eBay for the 1000th time and bingo i found a bag of them for $16 AU here in Australia so all my problem are solved. once again thanks
  4. the problem with soda blasting is it only removes the paint it will not remove surface rust that is under your paint. the guy doing the job will primer your beast before you pic it up and you may not know about the surface rust until its to late. stripping is the way to go
  5. I'm addicted just ask my wife, since i found this site she can never find me LOL
  6. Thank you they have a clip but looks nothing like what i need?
  7. thanks guys im a motor mechanic by trade and i did a panel beating trade for 2 yrs but was too young and stupid to finish the trade ,it all comes in handy owning a mustang
  8. yes i know how you feel i found the site by accident also and all i can say is "about time!!!!!" welcome mate!!
  9. i was just wanting to know if you guys in the US have a contact for me to find this part, I've tried in Australia and i cant get any help its used on the ford bronco front brakes also but was fitted from ford as a brake pad rattle fix my 72 mustang has a brake rattle on the front due to to much play in the pad.( it goes away when i rest my foot on the brake pedal and fixing the problem needs this clip I'm after 2 clips D4FZ 2B164 B this is the original ford number but i cant find them in Australia and ford Australia don't have a listing can anyone help me?
  10. i wish we could buy a mustang here in Australia as cheap as you can over there once we outlay the money to buy our cars we still have $3500 to ship it to Australia
  11. yes but a lot of movies they dont have also like the blue grande in "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" its in the beginning when as a kid he steals the car as he drives onto the free way the car that skids to miss him is a 71-73 grande.
  12. Autobahnraser is another good movie to see a 72 fastback,its not in english but its only the car that matters lol
  13. yes Ive searched them but I'm not sure on paying them at the end of the search? i already have his full address details and know he still lives there but would love some one to contact him and give him my email address?
  14. I got my car and also had a heap of paper work in the glove box including the details of the original owner and because i love my car so much i sent a letter to the original owner but got no reply?, i know he still lives at the same address because i Googled his name and it came up on the same address on my paper work. i really want to get in touch with him so i can ask questions about the history of my mustang and see if he has any old pics of it or anything else laying around he lives in Garden Grove, CA, 92840 if anyone lives near him could you please PM me so i can give you the rest of his details so i could get in touch?. id really be grateful
  15. yes now i can listen to "OVERHAULINS" gasoline song all day and dream lol
  16. i just wanted to share some pics of rust removal from my 1972 grande,it was hidden under my rear window, I'm very happy with the job i did but if they ever start making the panel under the rear window on a 72 coupe I'm buying it and fitting it
  17. yes she is still a lefty, i love driving them stock original, i go to the Philippines every chance i get so i'm getting used to driving left hand drive cars
  18. wanted to keep my grande original but got sick of listening to AM so i fitted a unit into the glovebox so no one would now,it plays music from a USB or IPOD. does the trick well i can store over 1000 songs
  19. im happy to find another grande owner,they dont seem that common?
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