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  1. This is the answer I would like to know... hope the headers do work out well!
  2. Those rusty ones look good, will do some more investigating :) Thanks for those pictures!
  3. Thanks for that Don, may consider going with the FPA's, think they will do well. I've spent a fair amount on this engine and put new pistons in to make it more like a 351C was in 1971 or better. Yes my one was a dumbed down 8:1 compression engine when I got it. Now 9.6:1 with DSS pistons, dished to make sure compression is in check but has quench pads either side to make use of the aussie closed chamber heads I have on there now, quench is set very nicely. Electronic ignition, run a 195F thermostat (Robert Shaw with the copper hat added by a Pantera fella from ebay). MSD spark plug leads, autolite spark plugs XP25 with .048 gap. Am just running on a rebuilt motorcraft 2100 carb at the moment and she runs quite well, dual exhaust. Will hopefully get better as we move along :) Thankyou for your input guys! Cheers Aaron
  4. Hi Chuck The cam is just a standard stock cam basically, this one "Comp Cam High Energy™, 252H". My engine builder through a cam grinder got a a slightly different profile put onto the cam to get a faster lift rate, I've got some figures here from a build sheet but it's all in mm and I'm a little confused I won't lie as to what is written down, his writing is not the flashiest lol. The car has some power, what I'm not exactly sure yet and will only come to fruition on a dyno, I suspect it's around 270 to 300hp going by a computer modelled dyno but that may or may not be out a bit?? The wheels certainly spin if I hoof it off the mark so have to take a measured approach when launching. Usually sticking 3 extra people in the car helps to weigh it down and stick it to the road more. Great results on your economy figures! That's quite amazing to go from what you had to what you got. Cheers Aaron
  5. Hi there Have been here a while but haven't posted much as there is plenty of information here and don't want to repeat questions. This particular question I can't seem to find and answer on though. I have a 1973 convertible, 351C 2V engine, C6. The original cast iron exhaust manifolds for a 351C 2V engine, how much do they dampen the sound inside the cabin of the car versus headers while driving on the highway? Or is the difference not worth worrying about? Maybe the fact I've got a convertible means I'm thinking about the wrong things here because I've just got a fabric roof?? Would consider going the FPA header route if I stick with the header direction as hookers I had in the past (6921HKR) hung too low, got caught on something and broke an engine mount, need something with good ground clearance. Currently using a set of Sanderson 4V blockhugger shorty headers with the copper adapters to suit 2V heads but put them on at a time when I hadn't learnt about scavenging effects, the power I'm putting out doesn't warrant such large primary tubes. But then again perhaps I'm being finicky and maybe it wouldn't matter. The FPA's have a slightly smaller primary tube size which is more desirable for what I want, ideally something a tad smaller yet again would be better still but ground clearance issues mean nothing is available like that that I can see, needs to suit a 4R70W also which will be installed in future and FPA's fit the bill there. Have been tinkering for a while with my car and got the fuel consumption to go from 13.8 US mpg (tired engine when purchased, jetted much too large etc etc), now revamped and much time spent on it it's getting about 18.8 US mpg now at 60 to 65mph. And I haven't put in the 4R70W / gone EFI yet so that will be interesting, aiming to max out at around 25 US mpg which I think would be pretty phenomenal. And before someone says why would you spend that much time getting a little more milage, well because I can.... lol :D Fuel is more expensive here in NZ too. Would love to share my thoughts on how to get maximum economy if anyone wants to know although that may require a separate post. Many thanks for your time. Aaron
  6. Good thing I live in New Zealand so will keep the car this time round :D Thanks for the rest of the welcomes guys!
  7. Thanks for the big welcome guys! :) Has been a few busy days here, look forward to hoovering up as much information on here as I can so will be doing plenty of searching and reading and will post if I need to. Will update the mustangs progress as time goes on when I get a chance :) Aaron
  8. G'day guys Have been lurking a little but thought I'd register as this seems to be the most informed place to be talking about 1971 to 1973 mustangs. And they said if I didn't post here after sign up I may be deleted?? lol, all good though. Have a 1973 Convertible. I'm from Canterbury, New Zealand. Pictured here with Mt Cook in the distance (NZ's highest peak) and Lake Pukaki in the foreground. Thanks and look forward to searching all through the boards here to fill my mind up with heaps of info.
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