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  1. Sorry to resurrect an old post but, I never understood mine because the 2 wires are just connected. I'm thinking it's a way to make a place to install the breaker but mine didn't get one. Car was for Canada and has rear defroster. It only keeps the wires away from ground. Took this picture with the battery out.
  2. I'm in a similar situation, I just need the mount to the frame, the box with rubber inside. Car probably can't be licensed without it.
  3. It's the roller pin kind right behind the wheel. I have to take out the axle shaft and pry off the old bearing? Does the shaft go back in easily?
  4. I have found the threads on the trim studs to be worn and not effective. I was trying to think of a better way of mounting mine, as 2 studs were broken off when I bought the car.
  5. I checked past threads for this, people had some in the past, but I don't know if they have them now. It's actually for my cougar. I would take several, as they break after a year of use. I think it's the 73 model only.
  6. I have always noticed that there are 2 blue engine colors, my cougar is the dark blue, and this Mustang is the lighter one. The valve covers wouldn't have been my first choice for engine mods...
  7. it doesn't seem so rusty now looking at other pictures...it is an H code 2v engine, so I think it couldn't be a ram air. The previous owner didn't know all the history of the car, but I discovered the drivers door is not original, so I don't have the production sticker. The console appears to have come from a different car as well.
  8. Just my introduction. I just bought a 73 convertible that has always been in Canada, but no one ever sprayed rust proofing. I have too much work ahead of me. The front bumper mount in the photo at the frame was rusted rotten inside and I guess when it took a hit, it spread open along the bottom in a weird way. I removed the heavy front bumper and have removed it. No replacement can be found. Also, the trunk lid doesn't align quite right. Other than those 2 things, nothing surprising. For now I just want to start driving it while I work on it. It has a 351C 2v. I have a 73 cougar, so I have fa
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