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  1. I apologize for the delayed response. I just got home from a deployment with the navy. I wired the gauges into the headlight circuit. This way the faces illuminate when the driving lights are activated. I used some left over weather stripping adhesive to apply the faces, but any silicone based glue should do the trick. I tapped into the headlight circuit using the brown 'hotwire' and a ground from my tach.
  2. Thanks! I bought them from CJ Pony. They were more expensive there than on Summit, but they were in stock at CJ and would not have shipped until July through Summit. The kit includes the faces for both. And no, I didn't have to drop or lower the steering wheel.
  3. I recently ordered a set of the Scott Drake EL gauge overlays and finally got around to installing them over the weekend. I was considering replacing all the gauges with something more modern like the set from Dakota digital or Vintage USA, but this was quick and easy and I think they turned out pretty well. I may still upgrade the gauges at some point in the future, not that I'm unsatisfied with these, but I may want some additional measurements the stock gauges don't provide. The pictures were taken early in the evening; I'm sure they'll be much brighter at night. Regardless, the kit makes everything much easier to see.
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    Which one? I'm stationed at North Island on the Reagan for now.
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    Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes. I can't wait to get y'alls expert advice. My next project will be upgrading the brakes and then the suspension.
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    Hello. I registered here as there seems to be a wealth of knowledge that will prove to be useful when I am upgrading my '72 Mach 1. I am originally from Dallas, TX but currently in San Diego, CA due to being active duty Navy. I hope to learn a lot while browsing these forums.
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