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  1. 1971 Spring Special Coupe 302 2V Auto
  2. york0060 Carthage MO 1971 Sports Coupe
  3. Don't now a lot about them , but here is a picture of my parents Spring Special. They have owned it since 73'. marti report 71 mustang.pdf
  4. I use a 8,500 lb Superwinch on a receiver plate. I have a mount in the front of the trailer to attach to. I have all it for several years and have never had any trouble out of it.
  5. No vote on a gloss finish for the hood. Sun glare would be a killer.
  6. sanding, sanding, and a little more sanding...then paint (white with red lower GT stripe).
  7. I thought I would show you some pictures of my current project. Its a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500. Built 302 (Dyno 425 HP) ,4 speed. Still a lot of body work to do. Weld Wheels with Mickey Thompson drag radials. Front and rear Disc brake conversion. I sure enjoy the 4 speed.
  8. That's COOL!! Gotta be proud of that!!!
  9. The front drivers seat is ripped!! I think a bit overpriced.
  10. thanks, do you have a picture of what you are doing with the Csink bolt or a quick sketch. Thanks
  11. I have read in other forum topics about the 73 Cleveland motor mounts are different that the 71/72 years. My question is did the block casting change or something else. Just curios because I am building a 1971 351 Cleveland block with 1970 heads for my 1973. Thanks
  12. I was a Senior in high school when I went, 1985
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