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  1. 1971 Spring Special Coupe 302 2V Auto
  2. york0060 Carthage MO 1971 Sports Coupe
  3. Don't now a lot about them , but here is a picture of my parents Spring Special. They have owned it since 73'. marti report 71 mustang.pdf
  4. I use a 8,500 lb Superwinch on a receiver plate. I have a mount in the front of the trailer to attach to. I have all it for several years and have never had any trouble out of it.
  5. No vote on a gloss finish for the hood. Sun glare would be a killer.
  6. sanding, sanding, and a little more sanding...then paint (white with red lower GT stripe).
  7. I thought I would show you some pictures of my current project. Its a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500. Built 302 (Dyno 425 HP) ,4 speed. Still a lot of body work to do. Weld Wheels with Mickey Thompson drag radials. Front and rear Disc brake conversion. I sure enjoy the 4 speed.
  8. That's COOL!! Gotta be proud of that!!!
  9. The front drivers seat is ripped!! I think a bit overpriced.
  10. thanks, do you have a picture of what you are doing with the Csink bolt or a quick sketch. Thanks
  11. I have read in other forum topics about the 73 Cleveland motor mounts are different that the 71/72 years. My question is did the block casting change or something else. Just curios because I am building a 1971 351 Cleveland block with 1970 heads for my 1973. Thanks
  12. I was a Senior in high school when I went, 1985
  13. I was looking through my old photos from 1984 and ran across a car show we when to in Tulsa OK. We are pulling a 1970 Boss 429 with a 1969 Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet, Next to our 1970 Boss 302. My Capri is along side. Their was a line of Boss 351's & Mach 1's. The last picture is my 1980 Mercury Capri RS, bought it wrecked and rebuilt it.
  14. He shows the cost and how many days for everything else, but How many days and how many dollars to find a 428 cobra jet and 4 speed tranny? Some people.... I have to shake my head somedays
  15. Ok, it was my 20 month old grandson. We had the car out Friday night getting ready to go to a local cruise night and my daughter stopped by. When my two grandkids got out one went straight to the car and tried to get in, so I took him for a ride around the front yard. He was not happy when it was time for him to go home.
  16. Looks great, looking forward to the day mine looks that good.
  17. Just wanted to show you my 1968 F100. This was my grandfathers truck and was given to me after he passed away about seven years ago. I actually went with him when he test drove the truck when I was 4 years old. It has a 300 6 cylinder with the 3 on the tree. All original except for the wheels. My son loves driving it too and he makes 4 generations driving it. Some cool grandpa added accessories are a old time oil can mounted under the hood on the inner fender ( in case something squeaks) and a plastic container behind the seat that always had change in it so when we got gas, he would always let us raid it to go buy a candy bar and a pop. Good memories in that old truck.
  18. can you tell me more on how to do this? mine is also unreadable. thanks
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