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  1. Just signed up today. Love the 'Ford Family' of products. Have owned 55, 56, 57 , 58, 59 and 66 and 67 Fords in the past. Most have been HiPo engines . I am thinking of buying a 65 Ford Falcon Sprint right now to rebuild......... a little older now and a bit afraid I won't be able to finish it before I get uninterested !! I am working a bit on my 72 'stang right now trying to get it to run properly. A bit of a challenge, to say the least. Motor runs great, but when you 'punch' it form a dead stop, carb seems to hesitate and then goes!! Don't need the 'hesitate' thing, but will discuss it later in another thread. I have been working on Ford engines most of my life, and although not high tech, can normally figure out most problems. Now it is even more excellent as we have forums like this to bounce off ideas of those who know the 'high tech stuff'!! Will help where I can and will surly be searching the brains of those of you who know as well. Thanks for allowing me to join you folks!:
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