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  1. Thank you! Thats what i feared. Im gonna tear the house up one more time then pay up. Im a idiot
  2. Well it seemed like I've lost both sets of keys to my Mustang. I guess that's what I get for not driving it for so long. I am looking for advice on the best route to take to either change the ignition or have a key made. Has anyone ever had experience with this I sure hope so. Thanks a head of time for any and all help/advice.
  3. Seat support is fine its the floor on the back side with a bad repair that sags. I will let ya'll know how it goes. I really appreciate all of your replies. Michael
  4. Thank you David. I think i will bring por15 and some brushes just to make that point. I will definently let everyone know how it goes. Wish i had the skills some of ya'll have. I love seeing the projects ya'll tackle!
  5. I really appreciate all the advise. If i had the money i would love to take the car to a shop like Graverobbers and get it all done but as it is im just hoping to get a good base to mount my seat to so I can drive my car from time to time as I can afoard to go further. This guy has a small shop behind his house and his passion is Mustangs. His rate is or at least was $35 an hour when he rebuilt my buddys 40 ford. His quote is just for labor. He did an amazing job on the 40. I have been waiting several months to get in his shop. Is 14 hours an unresonable amount of time for a drivers side floo
  6. The drivers quarter leaked and the worst was the back floor but i know the passenger side cowl leaks because after a rain there is a puddle under the glove box. I am now able to keep it in a garage. As i undestand it a cowl repair is pretty involved and expensive but i would like to eventually fix that as well. The drivers seat wont mount well with my current situation so my immediate goal is to get her were i can safely drive.
  7. I am dropping my car off at a body shop that has much experience with Mustangs to have the drivers, and maybe the passenger side floor replaced. He is going to charge $500 to r and r the drivers floor, prime, paint and undercoat with me paying for the floor. 1. If we decide to do the passenger side should i consider a full floor replacement? 2.would the labor be more than twice as much for a full floor,3. is it much more difficult than each side separately? 4. What would be better for the car. 5. Anything else i should have him look at or address while doing this to get the best bang for
  8. I kind of think the wheels look cool. Is that silver paint?
  9. Got the new carb and adapter installed. She started easier than ever before. Something else is wrong because shes backfireing and poping. when i get it up to 2500-3000 rpm and let it stay there it seems to start missing or loading up or something. If i then pump the pedal a little she runs better for a bit. Im gonna try to include a pic of what i took off my manifold. Cant believe it even ran like it was. Thanks guys.
  10. A belated thanks for the replies. Somehow i missed em 4 years ago!
  11. Thanks so much. Im gonna use the spacer/adapter. $70.00 is relativly cheap and i can do it quick. Thanks
  12. Thank you very much! I found it on Jeggs and Summit for around $70. Any advice on weather I should spend the extra $200 and get the edlebrock performer intake for $270. Is it very hard, time consuming to remove the original intake and install the edlebrock? I am not very knowledgable about motors but willing to try. Would there be significant HP and drivability gains with a new intake? If not im gonna order the Trans-dapt spacer. Thanks ahead of time for any help. Michael
  13. Hello, start by saying im not that technically savy so bear with me please. I just went to install my new Edlebrock 1411 on my Mach 1 and relized that the spread bore adapter I purchased does not line up with the 3400d intake. Any idea where i can purchase an adapter? When i looked at the holley i took off there was a square bore gasket under the wrong adapter plate! I cant belive it ran as week as it did. Any help would be appreciated. On another note would the car benefit in performance and drivability with an aftermarket aluminum intake over what i assume is the stock? Car is very ori
  14. Had a great time today. Really enjoyed checking out the vendors section but the best part of the day was getting to see some really nice 71-73 cars. Not many but all of them were NICE. Nice to see what these cars look like properly assembled. I can say without a doubt that of the 3500 cars mine was by far the shabbiest but i loved driven her around the roads near speedway almost as much as walking around inside. The roads near Charlotte motor speedway were sick with stangs. My goal is now to be track ready for the 60th aniv. The guys doing laps around the racetrack were having way
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