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  1. Thanks. So should I use spray can or brush to apply the touch up paint? I found a vendor, Touchup Automotive, that sells 1973 ford medium bright yellow. They have both spray can, and regular 2oz can. They also sell paint pens which I will probably pick up for future chips. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Here is the bumper I am considering changing because of damage. So should I leave it alone and live with the damage in the corner of the bumper and minor chips and scratches-$0, change the bumper to a 71-72 chrome bumper and deal with the gaps-$150, or fix and paint mine-$0000. I don't know what it would cost to fix and paint bumper. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. Heres the bumper. Damage is mostly on passenger side corner, with paint chips and cracks throughout. So, should I leave it alone not do anything-$0, or put on chrome 71-72 and live with the gaps-$150, or fix and paint-$????. What do you think?
  4. Any thoughts? Thanks for all the replies. What is it that you think won't fit. The 71-72 bumper, the 71-72 spacers, or the 69-70 brackets. Or option D, all the above.
  5. Here is a 73 with no modifications with a 71-72 bumper http://www.autotraderclassics.com/community/classic-car/1973-Ford-Mustang-1165883.xhtml
  6. Hello. I just got a 73 vert. It has taken some slight damage in the massive urethane bumper. I am thinking of making the swap to a 71-72 chrome bumper. It was posted on this site that you can use 69-70 brackets to install a 71-72 bumper on a 73. The member said new holes who need to be drilled in frame for the brackets. This would make the new chrome bumper fit better to the 73 fenders. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have tried emailing the member who posted that with no luck. To make more confusing there are several vendors on EBAy selling 71-73 chrome front bumpers. Will these fit properly with no modifications? Please help
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