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  1. I have a quick question for you guys about sail panels and headliners. The material mine are made out of our like a fabric with holes punched in it. Like a very fine jersey material. Maybe they're made of vinyl but they are perforated. I was looking at getting some new ones from CJ pony and it looks like they are just white vinyl from the pictures with no perforations; is this correct? Has anyone purchased these to know if they have holes or not. The picture on the Internet is very poor
  2. I have little 4.5 speakers in the kick panels but 4 1/2 don't do much. I was really hoping I could get 6 1/2's up there but there is just no room and less I remove the parking brake. I would have loved to have put the 6 1/2 components in the rear seat side panels but I didn't want to cut them as they are white; and I don't think you can get white side panels. Maybe I could've got a set of black reproductions painted them white and put the speakers in? But hopefully this will work well
  3. Here is a neat picture I took at work a couple days ago my wife's new 2016 A 1970 and the 72 sprint all lined up
  4. So time for a update in the car. I have been using it as my daily driver for the last month while the weather is good. I am in the midst of installing a killer sound system in it; this is a challenge because I do not want to cut or drill any holes in the car. So I think I found a solution. I am going to put all my sound system in the rear package tray area of the car. This of course will make for a extremely mono sound but at least it will be loud! Lol. I figured at least this way there will be no mess of amplifiers and wires in the back trunk. I will have two compact 10 inch pioneer subs in the trunk and that's it. I took a piece of half-inch plywood and wrapped it with carbon fiber and set for Rockford fosgate component speaker sets in it and mounted both my Alpine amp's once I get the board wired up I will be ready to drop it in
  5. OK guys I have a question. First off I have a Cleveland 4v rebuilt but almost stock with a mild cam and aluminum Edelbrock intake. The previous owner had a 650 Holly spread bore double pumper carb on the car. When I purchased the car the carburetter was in very poor shape. Leaking out the Excelerator pumps etc. I rebuilt the spread bore myself but the carburetter is not performing at all how I would like. This carb does not have a choke tower. It was this way from factory. So my question is do I rebuild this one? The fact that it has no choke sort of annoys me. Do I spend more time on it or look for something else? If so what do u recommend?
  6. So just got the sprint back from the exhaust shop. 2.5 Ss front to back. Took her for a hour drive out to the cottage today. Ran great. I did blow out a top shock bushing. I did not think they would last too long they were pretty weather cracked when I reassembled the shocks. Oh well; small things like that are no problem for its post-makeover maiden voyage.
  7. Thanks for the compliments guys. So I had it appraised for the insurance last week and I am a bit supprized how low the appraisal is. Now I know it is not perfect but it is in very good condition. The appraisal was for 15k Canadian. So that's like 10.5k usd. R these things really that low? Should I look for another oppinion? I am used to working on 66 mustangs and my rust bucket 66 coupe appraised out at more than the sprint. Crazy
  8. I have used champion on my 66 and 72. Both fit great and looked sweet. They are so bright and shiny; I love it myself but the aluminum does stand out so they may not b the best if u r going for a stock look
  9. Shipping from USA to Canada is crazy! And there is no reason for it! Ups charges stupid brokerage fees and there is no way around it; and they don't tell you what these charges are till they r at your door holding your parts hostage. That is why I always get my stuff sent to cbiusa; it's a warehouse just over the border in Niagara Falls. Also if parts company's (or eBay sellers) will ship usps that is way better. I find usps (United States postal service) just as fast and I have yet to get duty charges.
  10. Buick grand national are by far my favorite car but my wife does not like the looks of them so I will probably never get one :(
  11. Yes that is the exact said I am using in the doors. They are quite large speakers. I am planning on mounting the crossover in the trunk with the amp and the subs and running two individual lines forward; one in the door for the woofer and one on the dash somewhere for the tweeter. I have Kick panels for the car right now and I am definitely not impressed with him. I got them from CJ pony and I mounted a teeny pair of 5 1/4 Kenwood speakers in it and they still barely fit! And I'm not a fan of altering The E brake pedal either LOL so I have sort of decided against kick panel speakers. If I can get these things in the door that would be awesome! If not I can put all four of them in the package tray. I don't know whether to cut them into the rear steel deck or to make a box that they will go into. I think the box would look sort of crappy but it would save me cutting holes in the steel of the mustang
  12. So I i'm starting to instal the audio in the mustang. I have four 6 3/4 inch Rockford t series component speakers to install in the car. Thinking of putting the front two in the doors. Has anyone put them there? Will they fit?
  13. I also picked up a vinyl front bumper for it; needs some repair but when I get around to it it should look better
  14. Thanks. She is going for custom dual 2.5 stainless exhaust tomorrow. The guy I have doing it has done my 63 thunderbird and my wife's 66 mustang; I trust he will do a good job on the sprint
  15. The car is back together and in one piece. I just have a ton of finishing touches to do. I threw the old straight hood on it for now until I can get the ram air hood completely done. My plan is to match the paint for this year and next year when I have some time or maybe even this winter to do a full repaint of the car. I have yet to instal The rear valance so that when I get the stainless duals made for it in a couple weeks I will have the mach one valance on the back for the pipe to exit
  16. OK so I got around to refinishing the air cleaner. Here is it after an exptensive sandblasting And I finished off the night by painting it with two-part Apoxy
  17. I feel your pain! I m Canadian. When I restored my two 66 mustangs a couple years ago our dollar was par with the usd. Now that I m knee deep into the 72 restoration I find buying parts to be killer on the pocket book. Basically add 40% exchange on all the prices in the cj catalogue :(
  18. Now the proper colour for that air cleaner should be corporate blue correct?
  19. Awesome thanks for the information I thought that was the correct sticker. Shows how much I know LOL I did get the Plenum with it although one of the previous owners had painted it! :( So I am in the middle of stripping the paint off it right now
  20. So my next purchase was a ram air breather. I had quite the debate whether to go aftermarket or stock. I really liked the stock ones but they were far too expensive. Then I found one three hours away from me that is in excellent condition complete with the Plenum and All vacuum hoses for $500. The only drawback is that I have to rebuild both the vacuum actuators on the Plenum.
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