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  1. Reduced: Carburetor 4000$ ( D1ZF ZA 0L27) Distributor 1200$ (D1ZF 12127 0M1) Rev Limiter 900$ (D0ZF 12450-B) Oil Dipstick $600 (D1ZX 6750-BA) OBO + plus shipping Contact for pictures
  2. Carburetor 4000$ ( D1ZF ZA 0L27) Distributor 1400$ (D1ZF 12127 0M1) Rev Limiter 1100$ (D0ZF 12450-B) Oil Dipstick $750 (D1ZX 6750-BA) OBO + plus shipping Contact for pictures
  3. Need to install new antenna to the 71 any tips thanks
  4. Hi, was wanting to go to an all inclusive resort this winter and would like some recommendations of which resorts and locations would be good to visit Thanks
  5. Ok.. here is the story....I was living and engaged to my past girlfriend for 7.5 years. We never set a wedding date, we had our ups and downs. Well I caught her cheating on my in Dec2016, she said she was having the affair for 8 months and we split shortly after. My previous relationship to her was a 6.5 year relationship and she also cheated on me. I recently met someone about 4 weeks ago, she has a promiscuous past, but that never bothered me because I felt connected to her when we were together. The problem now is that I have caught her lying to me about her past and guys she was with. Given my insecurities and trust issues currently what Dr Phil advice can you give me. Thanks
  6. Hi, I recently had some electrical gremlins with my 71 Mustang, it looks like it is all better BUT now my electric choke is working correctly. When I look at how it is wired and compare it to various google searches I have done it looks like it has been wired incorrectly. Currently the hot wire is attached to the I terminal of the solenoid. Which in my understanding leads to the coil, which the automatic choke should not be attached to. I read that I can attach the hot wire to the Stat terminal of the alternator. I know it needs a 12V ignition on source. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your input, to be honest since the distributor change the car is so much responsive and more what I always expected a basically stock Boss 351 to run...I have a 69 CJ car, and a Boss 302 both stroked out and modified with headers, exhaust and increase cam..so can't compare with my other cars, as well as my 68 CJ car, it is mostly stock but after the changes made to the Boss 351 with the distributor I think it runs pretty close to my stock 68 CJ but still give the edge to the CJ not sure if its is the torque factor on the CJ or the seat of the pants feel the CJ is still a stronger runner
  8. I have had my Boss 351 since 2012 and at the time of purchase it was completely stock, using the Autolite carb, stock water pump, stock distributor stock fuel pump....over the years I have had to removes the autolite carb as the car ran like crap with it...the carb probably need a rebuild but i was to afraid to ship off an expense piece to anyone to do so, so I added a Holley making the necessary changes to the intake, once the holley was on, for some reason the fuel pump could not deliver enough fuel to satisfy its thirst so i removed the fuel pump and added a McRobbie one, and just recently i had to change the distributor out and replaced it with an after market piece and the car drives so much better now...the car was a matching numbers car, block and everything else, I have always wanted to make it a more performance car, adding headers and a more aggressive cam and exhaust but never have because the car was totally stock and have kinda of been forced to make some non stock changes should i move forward with the rest of the changes, thoughts?
  9. What size primaries should I use on 1.71" exhaust valves....1 3/4 or 2 Thanks
  10. petronix instead of points and stock coil....nothing else
  11. Ok...I got the conversion all setup with the new tach...but no improvement at all...the tach continues to be bouncy what is going on? any suggestions...
  12. I was under the impression that all 71 Mustangs with 4 barrel carb came with the staggered shocks...if so how come it is so hard to find an exhaust system in 2.5 inches to accommodate staggered shocks...
  13. Ok how do you get the green wire to the negative side of the coil? Best way?
  14. Had Bob do my OEM tach...but I am a little confused on the re-install wiring. I am a newbee to all this. So I have made a jumper wire and have that in place...I understand that I will have to lengthen the green wire and attach it to the negative side of the coil. Now here is were I am confused....1) where do I ground with the black wire and 2) how do I splice in the red wire to the 12V on ignition switch. Help please thanks
  15. Hi has anyone gone Thurs-Sunday...I want to make it a mini vacation...so don't want to spend the whole time at the show...what else is there to see..where did you stay...any tips...Thanks
  16. Well, I have to be honest here, I never really liked the 71-73 body styles. The 7173 body style just looked to big for me...and I know not really any bigger than the 6970. I was always a 6970 and 6768 lover...I really didn't even like the 6566 cars for some unknown reason. I then went out and purchased a 71, since joining this forum and paying more attention to the 7173 at car shows and from everyones posts...I can now say I am loving the 7173s...Everyone on this site has such different tastes, I see such a variety of cars. I have driven my 71 more this past season than any of my other cars, and have received so many compliments when I go to shows...Yeah they may not be as liked as some of the earlier cars but those individuals have never owned one... 7173 lover
  17. Love the 71 Grabber Blue...I have a 70 Grabber Blue but for some reason I like the 71s in Grabber Blue better
  18. Help needed. Removed my stock tach from my 71, and I have jumped the two wires to allow me to start the car and move it around. My problem now is where do I attach the red ignition wire from an aftermarket tach. The black wire from the tach is ground and the green wire goes to the negative side of the coil. Please provide detailed suggestions....Newbee at work Thanks
  19. Great thanks for the info....will contact Bob
  20. would the rocketman conversion help with the bouncy tach
  21. Part of my 71 rear window trim is separating from the body of the car. Looking at it it seems that there are some clips that help keep it in place...where can i get these clips...Thanks
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