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  1. Currently listed on Ebay......lots of flaky buyers......

    A pair of used fenders (Driver and Passenger) for a 1973 Ford Mustang. These came off my 1973 Mustang Mach 1 (replaced with new metal and I should have kept these). The insides are painted black with some undercoating to protect against rust and corrosion---outsides were primered when I got the car.....there is some surface rust and it looks like to over-spray that will need to be sanded, conditioned and ready for paint and install. I do have a set of front moldings and side marker lights and bezels I can include for an additional $50....they are in good condition.

    Located in Grand Prairie, Texas (Dallas area)....free local pick-up, however, I20210529_153003.thumb.jpg.5668cc5bc7aa500de8c726925a13e488.jpg20210529_153026.thumb.jpg.b93efad5a21d29c7745918f22074966a.jpg20210529_153036.thumb.jpg.a583ff4f8fbf341f558699adcfbdb7d4.jpg20210529_153350.thumb.jpg.ba867706d42f3a08440a742a41db80f6.jpg20210529_153357.thumb.jpg.ee2ec4cb803597c81c74537ebcfe9e3e.jpg20210529_153407.thumb.jpg.f394c1d4a2b42ee0f34af568910ef3ee.jpg20210529_153421.thumb.jpg.dab2703452bd84b945c305a9148a1929.jpg20210529_153430.thumb.jpg.e8d26d984da9a228cb40199cf92717ef.jpg20210529_153633.thumb.jpg.b5c31159fdb65c712fc055e37545440b.jpg can ship...but it is expensive....looking to get $300-$400 for the set....






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  2. I am beginning to collect parts, got a new trunk pan, pan side panels, tail light panel and the bumper brackets. Now I have to pick up a new rear crossmember but cannot find one that says its for a 1973 mach 1.  Any suggestions? It's the one that goes right across the tail between the two frame rails that lines up with the tail light panel. Thanks for any assistance.






    I have a 73 Q Code Fastback and bought my rear X-member from NPD...fit perfectly and I even bought new fuel tank straps....see link below for the following:


    National Parts Depot #010780-2A  cost is $109.95 and is a normal stock item.







  3. All,


    Don has been a savior for me, not only for hard to find parts, but the information and "Mustang Tribal Knowledge" he has is invaluable. OMS's prices are always competitive, normally in stock and comes with Don's support; when needed. I have bought from the other Mustang Suppliers...most do a good job---some make mistakes---however the biggest issue I find is lack of knowledge about you intricacies of the vehicles.


    When you want the right part and correct info to ensure proper fit and long term use----call Don at Ohio Mustangs.


    Anthony Ursini

  4. Subject says it all - looking for a brake pedal for a manual transmission/power brake setup.  Car is a '71 convertible.


    I believe I may have one....if you are still looking. I will need to check



    I am still looking!




    I found the pedal---it still has the bushings and brake switch attached....send me your email and I will send you some pics....my email is  ursinitx@gmail.com



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