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  1. I have a used set off my 73 Mach 1 that I am replacing....front fenders, fender extensions and NACA Hood and Hinges.....I live in Dallas.....make me an offer and I can send pics if you are interested. Anthony
  2. I believe I may have one....if you are still looking. I will need to check Anthony
  3. I am selling a set of 1972 Ford 429 Police Interceptor exhaust manifolds in excellent shape. They have been bead blasted, painted and new exhaust pipe mounting hardware installed. I am also throwing in a set of 16 Grade 8 exhaust manifold bolts and washers---all you would need is a set of gaskets. I am offering a discount to forum members that would be interested in a very hard to find set of parts that would make a 429/460 conversion a snap---and without the hassle of headers that always have clearance problems as well as fitment and leaking issues. They manifold set is currently listed for $695 on Ebay....I will offer the set to members here for $550.00. Anthony http upload image free upload no registration
  4. If they are the front set---I have a buddy looking for a decent set---color does not matter since he can re-upholster. Let me know. Anthony
  5. I have read a few of the "shorty" posts and would like to see what is actually available. Could anyone refer a particular brand and any other details. The current Hedmann headers I have are mashed on the bottom due to the previous owner sticking a big block in an engine compartment that had an original Q-Code---never changed or replaced any of the original suspension, springs or shocks...tragic, but some people forget about details. I am open to suggestions....and the engine is not a CJ---looks to have come out of a 70 or 71 TBird Anthony
  6. I have a air cleaner that came as an extra with my 73 Mach 1 when I got it last spring....the 351 engine was replaced with a 429 and I have a bunch of 351 parts that were sent to me when I bought the car....you can have the air cleaner base and lid as well as the snorkel assembly ---just give me an offer that is fair. I am new here so I do not know how to attach photos...email me I can send pics... Anthony ursinitx@gmail.com
  7. I thought that they looked quite different----I have a friend with two donor cars that I have been using some parts off (one a 71 and the other a 72) and the fronts are different that the 73. Thanks for the confirmation.
  8. I am looking to replace my 73 Mach 1's front urethane bumper with a 71 or 72 bumper----what is all required? I have new 73 front quarter panels and the rest is stock.
  9. Anyone have any info on how I can get one...these are hard to find. Many thanks in advance... Anthony
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