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    72 Mustang HT / 302 - 2V / Maroon Red with white vinyl roof / White vinyl interior


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  1. I've been working on the dashboard lights on my 72 Mustang HT. The headlight switch probably needs to be replaced, but I found this wire dangling next to the switch. Colorcode is Black-Lightblue. I can't find where it plugs in. In the wiring diagram it is connected as follows: Map lamp - R.H. Front door jams switch - R.H. Instr. panel lamp (logical, but none of the dash lights work) - Headlamp switch - L.H. front door jams switch - Dome lamp. So please help me locate where this plugs in, it might clear something up. Here's the pic:
  2. I'm in Helsinki. The car was in Kokkola, western Finland until just a few weeks ago, when picked it up and brought it down to southern Finland. Probably Juntunen, fairly common Finnish last name. You could say it's fun, but a bottomless pit to throw all my money into. Also gas prices are insane, among the highest in Europe.
  3. Hello from Northern Europe / Finland. New member here! Just inherited my grandfathers 72 HT Mustang. This car has been in the family since it was new. My grandfather lived in the states for some time in the 70's working in roofing, and bought this car fresh off the lot. He livedin Mahopac NY, and this car was bought in Carmel NY. I have the original receipt, which can be seen below. When he moved back to Finland, the Mustang followed in a container. The car is a 72 Mustang HT with a 302-2V V8 engine. It needs a new paintjob, and the rear brakes are giving up, but all in all it's in great shape.
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