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  1. How much for the complete front end? Also how much for the lh rail? Just trying to figure out my route
  2. Im gonna order a set of the rails this week so I have them.
  3. Thats funny I measured everything and labled everything I thought I was being a bit to silly but I am glad to see I wasnt..
  4. Took off the front end and took a good look at the rear end. The rear end is in good shape just surface rust and here is what the front end looks like. I dont know I think I may just keep going. Screw it ill do it one piece at a time I have the rest of my life at least I will know what I have when I am done. I know what everyone is saying I just dont have the heart to deny this car life.
  5. I am going to pull the fenders off and take out the motor and get a real good look at the damage and see what can be done. I know I shouldnt be messing with it but I am just not ready to give up yet.. I might just fix the frame. I stopped by Kingston Hotrods and asked them about the car. They said they did one recently and it caust 3200 to do. If I remove the engine and components it should caust that much.
  6. I actually like that..lol Offroading is a big thing around here. But I dont think I could do that.
  7. Thanks everyone for you opinions. I love hearing everyones thoughts. I just dont know what to do I sit there and look at the car and all I see is a nice car begging to be saved. I know what the right thing to do is but my heart just doesnt wanna give up on it.
  8. Ok. So I am going to get a new starting mustang but I decieded to keep this one and make one of the 4x4 mustangs with it because the body is in such good condition I just dont want to let it go and at least this way I will kind of still have it.
  9. Ya I think it is just a bit to far outta my leauge. There is a guy at my job that wants to buy it from me he came and looked at it and offered me $900 which 100 more than I paid so I am gonna take it SADLY.
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys. I think it would be really sad to see this car not get repaired. The body is really nice and so is the interior. I dont know yet what to do. It would be really cool to see this car back in its former glory.
  11. Ok so the drivers side frame on my 72 coupe is severly rotted what should I do any ideas? Im not a good welder and wouldnt know where to begin anyway. Anyone know what I could do that wont break the bank?
  12. I dont know if it is the factory color or not. The interior is green as well.
  13. Hi. New to the site and mustangs picked this up from a guy at my job. It is a 1972 With a 302 body is in great shape front fram section is rotted, drivers floor pan is shot and it needs brake lines. Entire car is stock. Motor starts up and runs great. About me I am a 31 year old diesel mechanic. Like to build imports currently have a 432 whp honda civic with nitrous forced induction. This is my first classic. Thought I would give it a try. Paid $800 for it just cause the body is mint.
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