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  1. Not sure really, I will likely keep it as is for the most part and just drive it more often. However, I wouldn't mind disc brakes up front and dual exhaust (In my research I see a system is available with an H-pipe for the 302).
  2. Thought I would introduce myself finally, I have been a member since 2015 but have never made a post. Now a disclaimer, I am not officially a 71-73 owner but I will eventually inherit my father's 1972 Fastback for which he is the original owner. As a one owner car, this Mustang holds a lot of sentimental value to me. The car is very much original with a little over 71,500 miles with the most notable change from stock being the period Keystone Kustomags. The 302/ Automatic combination is not ground breaking performance-wise but it makes for a great cruise, which I enjoy driving whenever I visit during the fair weather months.
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