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  1. Yep, definitely worth the money. I was missing a lot of the original pieces and some were stripped too. Bought and used the master chassis kit and also the master body kit.
  2. hope this helps WOW, thats awesome! I wish there were specific instructions like that on how to restore my stang.....LOL
  3. @markafss thats why its in the "Off Topic" section.....
  4. I bought the RAAMMat recommended from Scott. I just put it in a few weeks ago and its great! its 90 bucks for 37.5 sq ft. good deal I think dynamat is just selling the name. I have dynamat in my 94 toyota supra and it didnt do anything.......
  5. Awesome, can you get me a price please? Thank You
  6. Hey Don. Do you happen to have any shock mount plates for a 1971 mustang with a 8" rear end and drumbrakes? Only place i can find them is Cjpony, but i dont feel like spending $160 for 2 pieces of metal....lol
  7. Thanks Everyone!! Great Motivation i'm getting from your comments! Another small update RAAMmat all in Rough fit of front suspension and steering Stripped the rear end to bare metal, then finished with the ol' rust bullet/blackshell routine.
  8. Hey coupe351w. I also had the same problem when I put in new strut rod bushings. Got this pic from 72HCode, and helped me get the idea of where everything goes.
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