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  1. i order the same one for my 71 didn't fit at all would not line up sent it back and made my own and it looks and fits alot better than that one
  2. order them from don and they will be the right ones got all my 73 parts from him and they all fit right ohio mustang
  3. Go to www.fordperformancerallycall.com sign up
  4. Looking for a driver side rear spoiler arm [ or bracket ] have one broken .
  5. I work on corvettes and if someone has used the wrong paint stripper on it the bubbles will keep coming back all the time when it gets in the sun . we have special stripper for fiberglass.
  6. I'm looking for the hoses from compressor if you take them apart price? to 44030 zip
  7. put baby powder on the foam when putting cover on makes it alot easyer
  8. no i have the car paint number but the strip kit you buy i'm trying to match the silver to paint hood and bottom
  9. Anyone here have the paint number that matches the silver stripes kit? I need a number. I know the color name but paint shop needs number, not color name. Thanks.
  10. went out to ohio mustang sat. picked up a fender and grill from don .One of the best persons your ever meet and work with .If you need parts call don first Thanks Don
  11. how do I get ahold of you email sent
  12. Looking for kick down rod for 351cleveland to c6 auto trans Thanks for looking
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