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  1. Hi, Is there any dimensions for where the e-brake enters the drivers pan? Maybe I'm over thinking this but I do not want to drill a hole in the wrong spot. Thanks, Darren
  2. That's what we did with the breaker bar. I'm going to bump up to 20 -22. So much different info out there. My buddy found a 65 shop manual today for a Mustang and it stated 22 to 32. So I think around 20-22 will do the trick. Wanted to get another opinion before locking in on a number. Just read your attached lit after my writing above. Thanks for posting that and for your advice. Great stuff! Get it down the road the right way!
  3. Hi, I am setting pinion with crush sleeve. I'm getting so many conflicts on spec. I'm reading 15" up to 25". Also seeing it with oil seal in or out while preloading. One guy preloads crush sleeve then takes the nut off, installs seal, and then torques to spec like somewhere in 175 lb range. We did a test to see what the drag on the seal was...about 5". Any thoughts? I'm at between 15" -17" now with seal in and torque for that is over 200lbs. Thanks, Darren
  4. Thanks...would of never known that. Noticed that some trunks don't have them. Wonder why?
  5. After thinking about it its probably brackets for exhaust pipes.
  6. Hi, Can someone please give me some quick info on this bracket? There are two on each side underneath trunk floor. I didn't measure in before I pulled the trunk floor out. I guess I can measure off the underside of where the hatch holder locks in when its dropped down into the trunk of the old trunk floor as shown in pic. Cant remember what attaches to these brackets. I need to reinstall underneath on new trunk floor. Appreciate the help. Thanks, Darren 1972
  7. Hi, Wondering if anyone has dimensions for the E Brake Link Bracket on the passenger side located by the cross rail and inside frame rail. I attached my measurements and wanted confirmation before I weld. It was removed many years ago so I want to check what I have for measurements. I think with the adjustability of the cable if it's close it will be fine. Attached is a pic. Thanks, Darren
  8. Hey Guys, I have a few questions. I'm rebuilding the 9" rearend on my 72 Mach. First question who has experience with 3:50's or 55 gears. Going back and forth from the 3:25's or the 50's or 55's? I noticed with the calculator that you can find on line isn't a heck of a lot of difference in RPM's between them @ certain MPH. How is highway with 50's or 55's? Second question has anyone had any issues running limited slip? Mine is open and thinking of going the limited slip route. Thanks, Darren
  9. Thanks...much appreciated. I had no idea. Makes sense.
  10. Hi Everyone, Hope this message finds everyone well. I'm finding ironically... I suddenly have more time for my car. Even under this difficult situation we are facing I'm taking some of the down time to spend with family and work on the 72. Anyways I took the parts shown in the pic off the other trunk and am in the process of reinstalling them in the new trunk. Can someone please, with the same spare tire rectangle mount, measure to the edge of the trunk floor (against the tail) and to the edge of the drop down. It would be much appreciated. I need to rebfab the front tab since it was in bad shape. I have the flap that the spring attaches to for air or fluorcarbon canister but it needs to be straightened since the previous owner flattened it to the floor. I also was wondering what those parts that look like butterflies in the pic are used for? There are two as you know. I thought they maybe held the tire iron but not sure how it would clear past the bump where the gas filler enters if it went horizontally across the floor. I may paint an empty propane bottle and buy a sticker to replicate the look of the canister and paint it red. Has anyone done this? Not sure if I can afford a true space saver tire. Looks like the survivors are $$. Maybe a modern one with a plaid Mustang case over it? Not sure... Thanks, Darren
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