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  1. 1980-1986 ford trucks with the courtesy light option have a light under the dash in the same location that is very similar if not identical to the 1971 mustang light.
  2. I found some of the original sockets (glove box and switch lights?? if I recall) were reverse polarity, the pin was ground and the housing was positive. I took the LED bulbs and melted the metal on the pin with a soldering iron to separate the plastic LED from the metal bulb housing, switched the wires and re-soldered the bulb assembly. Not too difficult but took a bit of time and trial. These were the cheapest LED bulbs from ebay, not sure if you could do it to a better quality bulb.
  3. Thanks for the info, I picked up some 3m Strip-caulk that looks to be similar: http://3mcollision.com/products/sound-deadening/3m-strip-calk-08578-black.html Any advice as to where on the drip rail molding to put it? Maybe 2 rows with offset joints, one at the inside corner and one in the middle of the "recess"?
  4. HI, I am about to start this project myself, are there any photos of the foam tape and where/how it goes on? On that note, other than ordering a set of foam tape, what are the two sizes if I were to find some locally? Thanks, this is a great write up.
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