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  1. Welcome from Melbourne! Wow looks great. Just make sure you drive it a lot before parking it for upgrades.
  2. Welcome from Melbourne! Wow, nice car. I'll be following your posts, the electrical is difficult for me too.
  3. The xb is one of my all time favorite cars, but the cost of these cars is getting beyond my reach. With lower build numbers than our US cousins and rust problems these cars are expensive collectables. And worst of all, nobody makes repro body work, panels or trim. Even the glass is hard to come by. Resurrecting a rusty wreck is not easy or cheap. But having a stock standard car that can take big rubber! You can see why they are popular here.
  4. Hi and welcome from Australia, love the car and love it in original paint! I also have Finnish background, Nuutinen is the family name!
  5. Thanks, for the advice - I have started well taking pics and labeling parts - my biggest problem is missing or modified parts. I am a long way from a parts yard.
  6. Thanks, will do. Have already started the tear down. I couldn't wait to get going.
  7. Hello from Melbourne Australia! I am the proud owner of a 1972 Mustang Mach 1, but she is a bit rusty and I'll need some help to restore to her former glory. My first Mustang, and hopefully not my last. Cheers, Handmandan
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