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  1. Don't know if anyone's posted this yet but thought this was a pretty special car. Can't say I've seen too many 429 4 speed verts. Any guesses on what it will bring? https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0121-444973/1971-ford-mustang-convertible/
  2. Are you pulling the engine out, or leaving it in the car? Edit: nevermind I misread your post. It depends a lot on your shop, but I would assume anywhere between 8-16 hours labor for that.
  3. West coast cars make me jealous. That would be listed for $4000 if it was where I am. Looks like a lot of good parts.
  4. I don't understand how someone can look at the market and see what the Boss 351s are going for and have the gall to ask 4 times the going price. Look like someones got an extreme case of "I know what I got"
  5. Interesting choice rocking the polyglas tires with the slot mags. Maybe hasn't been on the road in a long time?
  6. If you want the absolute best "headache-free" combo, I'd suggest either a vacuum secondary Holley 4160 or Edelbrock AVS2 carb (cfm will depend on your engine) paired with an MSD ready to run billet distributor - all of the perks of having an MSD ignition, without the box. I'm more of a Holley guy, but the AVS2 carb does have annular boosters out of the box which can really help out with driveability.
  7. I did the 2 short brackets on the top for mine and it works pretty well.
  8. PO had installed an aftermarket AC system and butchered the temperature control lever, so I had to buy another unit. But otherwise the faceplate, knobs, and fan control lever can be salvaged. Just pay shipping.
  9. Can't go wrong with a 600 CFM Holley w/ vacuum secondaries then. When I bought mine, it ran great right out of the box.
  10. Running a 600cfm quick fuel brawler carb on my mild 302. I stepped up the primary discharge nozzle one size from the factory .029" to .031" and the throttle response feels perfect. I was running a standard Holley 600 CFM w/vacuum secondaries previously. It was a little bit more street friendly, but I enjoy having the extra control you get with mechanical secondaries. Comes a lot down to personal preference IMO.
  11. Might have been me. Pretty happy with the matte black.
  12. Galucha

    Crazy Odds

    So I bought a 1971 F100 last week. Seemed pretty well optioned (Ranger XLT trim) and a good candidate for restoration, plus it's the same year as my mustang. Well it didn't come with any documentation and the door tag has long since been gone, so I ran a Marti report to find out some of the history of it. Turns out that not only did it come from the Ford truck plant in Michigan (the mustang is a Dearborn car), but it was also produced on the SAME DAY as the mustang - November 20th, 1970. Thought that was a really cool coincidence.
  13. I saw that yesterday and thought about posting it here. Could have sworn 73s never had the hockey stick stripes, so I guess that just confirms it.
  14. From what I can tell it's 3/4". I'm thinking running it with a 1 1/8" front sway bar should keep things balanced.
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