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  1. Looks great! Thanks for the pics, that's pretty much exactly what I'm going for.
  2. Thanks! It's a standard non-NACA hood that the previous owner put a boss scoop on. It has somewhat functional ram air as there is a cutout and the air filter is a stream-top style and sits right below the opening.
  3. Considering this for my car as I don't ever use the rear seat for passengers - there's essentially no legroom in the coupes. And I think I should be able to shave at least 50lbs in weight by doing so. I've seen some kits out there for earlier year cars, but none for the 71-73s. Looking at using some ABS sheet material to make a panel and then glueing carpet on it. Anyone have pictures or a guide on how they did it?
  4. Couple shots from this past weekend. Got a chance to really push the new suspension components and they performed exceptionally well.
  5. I ended up affixing an old flex plate on the floor jack, and the setting the chunk on top of it to lift it into position. Worked pretty good.
  6. Funny enough I'm actually doing the same job today and am wondering the same. Didn't wanna hassle with dropping the housing, so I'll have to find a way to lift it up solo as well
  7. Ditto on that. The sheet metal where the topside of the shock mounts is not very thick. I supposed you could always weld a plate in to beef it up, but the angle may be tricky since they kind of sit down in a hole behind the seat.
  8. Here's one I took on one of my favorite routes through Sequatchie valley, TN.
  9. I had the same symptoms. The issue I had with mine was that the copper contact plate that is glued onto the metal piece was off center. Terrible QC. I compared it to an old one that was made about 15 years prior and you could tell that they didn't position the contact plate correctly. It was at least 1/8" off center.
  10. I've been using them pretty regularly during the restoration of a friend's 1975 Corvette.
  11. Sounds like the sending unit wire is being grounded out somewhere. If you pull the plug off of the sending unit on the tank side, does the needle go back down to empty?
  12. Ok have a concern regarding wheel centering that maybe someone can help me with. Right now I'm using these lug nuts I bought on summit. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/gor-21183et The extended shank fits snugly into the wheels, which in turn helps to center them when I install them onto the car. I believe this would be a lug-centric setup? Would there be any benefit to getting hub-centric rings to center the wheel instead, or would that just be unnecessary? My thought is that if I don't get any vibration at speed with my current setup, I shouldn't need to get hub-centric rings. Trying to get the safest setup and wondering which system is better.
  13. Another clearance check after getting the rear tires mounted. Will definitely need to roll the fenders, as the inner lip is making contact with the tire at about 1.5" of suspension travel. I know I have exactly 2.87" of rear suspension travel at full compression, so rolling them should get me plenty of additional clearance. I will say it's very close with 285s, so I bet 275s would not have any issues on these wheels. Will be borrowing a fender rolling tool this weekend to get that done.
  14. Very exciting day as the rear wheels and tires came in. The front and rear spacing is about as perfect as I could ask for. The clearance between the wheel and fender lip is almost exactly the same as the front wheels (15/16"), although I may have to roll the fenders as these tires have a taller cross section and may rub. On the back side, I have at least 1.5" of clearance to the shock mount bracket. These wheels have +12mm of backspacing, so I'm glad I went with them. I think I will look at getting some hub centric rings made to close the gap between the axle hub (72.6mm) and the wheel center bore (63mm). Will be getting some more video footage next week after I get the tires mounted and balanced.
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